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What is the use of 6th subject in CBSE Class 10?

What is the use of 6th subject in CBSE Class 10?

As per the new rule, if a student of Class 10 or 12 fails in any of the elective subjects (such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science), then the failed subject will be replaced by the score of ‘Skill Subject’ (which means the sixth additional subject).

Is sixth subject compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory to have 6 subjects in your CBSE class 11th and class 12th but yes if you want ,you can definitely go for 6th subject and if you have it then it will be your additional subject as there can be only 5 main or compulsory subjects.

Is it necessary to take 6th option in 10th class board exams?

It is not necessary, as far as you paas in the board’s five main subjects, i.e., two languages, mathematics, science, and social science. But if you fail in any of the three elective subjects, i.e., mathematics, science, or social science, it will be replaced by the 6th subject you have opted.

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What happens if a student takes 6 subjects in 10th class?

If 6 subjects have been taken by a student, marks of the best 5 subjects are to be added for percentage calculation. In this case, as the student has 6 subjects, “Best Of 5” rule will be applied. The marks obtained in Mathematics will be replaced by those of the Additional Subject.

How many subjects are there in CBSE Class X?

CBSE Board exam for Class X would be having six subjects to study for students instead of five from next year as the board has remodeled its assessment scheme. Presently the X th standard students have five subjects to study viz. Mathematics, social science, two languages, and science.

Is it compulsory to give the 6th subject in class 11th?

No, opting for a 6 th subject in class 11 th is not compulsory. Generally, your 5 main subjects are counted towards your percentage calculation in the board exam, and adding a 6 th additional subject is optional. Q5. Is it compulsory to give the 6th subject exam if I have opted for it?