What are the struggles of BTS?

What are the struggles of BTS?

The boys shared one dorm room until 2016. On multiple occasions, the members of BTS have shared stories about their first dorm, where all seven of them had to share one room and even one bathroom as trainees.

  • They had to personally invite people to a free concert.
  • The group were mistreated by variety shows.
  • Do BTS members say bad words?

    BTS’ “Dynamite” also came with a color music video to match its upbeat and positive lyrics. Although this single may not have explicit lyrics, this K-pop group does have some cursing in specific songs.

    Why is BTS successful?

    BTS’s music is also a success because of the subject of their music. While many K-pop songs are about relationships and love, BTS covers subjects that other bands may not like bullying, elitism, and mental health. Their ability to be relatable, humble while still being entertaining is rare.

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    Are BTS trying too hard to be like Big Bang?

    We spoke with one of the haters in Korea, who wishes to remain anonymous and said: BTS are trying too hard to be like BIG BANG. Anyone who has listened to the two bands can tell they look and sound very different to each other! 3) BTS’ music and RM’s rap!

    Did BTS’ manager threaten Jungkook?

    A video was recently uploaded on social media that appears to show one of BTS ’ managers threatening one of the members. In the short clip, the manager raises his hand against Jungkook, possibly as if to hit him, and Jungkook appears to flinch slightly in response.

    What happened to BTS’ ‘2016 BTS Seasons Greetings DVD making video?

    On December 10, the company released an official apology through their Twitter. “We’re sorry for making the fans worried through the ‘2016 BTS Seasons Greetings DVD Making Video,’” Big Hit Entertainment wrote.

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    Did BTS’ V and Jungkook eat a pizza together?

    In light of the issue, fans also drew attention to a clip of Mnet ’s “MEET&GREET” where BTS is eating together when V and Jungkook appear to catch someone’s eye outside of the frame of the camera and put their pizza down.