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Is Gandalf afraid of Sauron?

Is Gandalf afraid of Sauron?

Gandalf also held off Sauron’s Nazgul at the time on Weathertop, and they were even afraid of him (at least during the day). Another point that could be made is that when Frodo offered the Ring to Gandalf, Gandalf would have been influenced by it, yes, but he would have had “power too great and terrible to imagine….

Why do the orcs chant Grond?

Grond means “very weighty and ponderous” in Sindarin. It was named intentionally to evoke the memory of the ancient weapon of Morgoth, the “Hammer of the Underworld”.

What happened to Gandalf when he fell?

The Balrog burst into flame anew, and they fought at the top of the world. At last Gandalf pushed him off the mountain, and he fell and smashed on the mountainside. Gandalf’s body died and his spirit returned to Valinor whence it had come.

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What does grind mean in Lord of the Rings?

Grond, also known as the Wolf’s Head, was a one hundred-foot long battering ram with a head in the shape of a ravening wolf.

Why was Gandalf afraid of the ring?

Though someone could start out with good intentions, the Ring would eventually corrupt them. And that is why Gandalf can’t touch it. He is afraid that if he did, it would corrupt him and make him just as bad as Sauron since Sauron put so much of himself and his evil into the One Ring.

Why would Gandalf be a fool not to be afraid of Sauron?

Gandalf would be a fool not to fear this enemy. Gandalf understood he could no longer play the “Wise and weary old man”. Gandalf believed that those who attempt to counter evil with greater amounts of violence come closer to becoming that evil. But in this situation he has no choice but to roll up his sleeves and throw down.

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Why didn’t Saruman get the ring when he faced the Balrog?

Because when he was forced to face the Balrog, is was as dire a situation as the ring being in front of Saruman or Sauron would have been. The Balrog was not just any fallen angel. It was a warrior demon with the majority of its original power still intact.

How powerful is Gandalf as a Maia?

Olorin the Maia (Gandalf) chose to remain loyal to the Valar (the god of chief powers of Arda) while the Balrog are an unspecified number of Maiar who rebelled with Melkor Morgoth and thus shared his corruption and fearsome powers. Gandalf as a Maia certainly has the power to beat a Balrog in combat…

Why did the Balrogs not create armies?

The Balrogs were those fire spirits whose tendency towards violence left them with a talent for destruction. Sauron and Morgoth also diminished themselves by creating armies. The Balrogs never did this: they commanded Morgoth’s armies but never put any power into creating them.