Will Jennie get a second Solo?

Will Jennie get a second Solo?

NO. Jennie has already had a solo song. Even though Jennie’s was quite a while back she did still get one. If she were to get another one that’s means she has 2 while the others only have 1, which is just unfair.

Will Jennie have a Solo?

“Solo” (stylized in all caps) is the debut solo single of South Korean singer, rapper, and Blackpink member Jennie. Released on November 12, 2018, through YG and Interscope, the song was written by Teddy Park and produced by him alongside 24….Solo (Jennie song)

Recorded 2018
Genre Pop dance hip hop
Length 2:49
Label YG Interscope

Who will have the next Solo in BLACKPINK?

Lisa will be the third member of BLACKPINK to have a solo debut after Jennie and Rosé. Jennie released “Solo” in November 2018 while Rosé released her single album, R, in March 2021. YG Entertainment first announced in December 2020 that Rosé and Lisa would be the next BLACKPINK members to prepare for solo debuts.

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Is Jennie Solo successful?

With SOLO, Jennie becomes the first K-Pop female soloist to enter the US iTunes Top 10. SOLO achieved 14.6 million views within 24 hours of release. SOLO is the third fastest song for a k-pop debut music video to reach 100M views in YouTube history (23 days).

How many shows Jennie Solo won?


Song Show Champion Total Wins
SOLO (Jennie, 2018) 3
On The Ground (Rosé, 2021) 1 6
LALISA (Lisa, 2021) 1

Who is leaving Blackpink?

It means Lisa is starting a new venture as a solo musician along with her group Blackpink. There is nothing confirmed about her leaving the group. As per the available insight, it all appears to be fake news and rumors.

Which Blackpink has best solo?

member Lisa
BLACKPINK member Lisa has begun her solo career by once again becoming a record holder. Her first single, titled LaLisa, from the single album of the same name, has become the most viewed YouTube music video by a solo artist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views. It has topped Taylor Swift’s single Me!

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Which is the best solo in Blackpink?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa beats Taylor Swift’s solo artist record for 24-hour views with new track ‘LALISA’ South Korean girl group BLACKPINK’s Lisa has officially set a new record with her first single album on Youtube.

Why did Blackpink go solo?

Why has Lisa chosen to go solo? K-pop group’s agency YG Entertainment previously stated it planned on getting all BLACKPINK members do solo debuts after the release of the group’s first studio album last year – so there’s no bad blood here, it’s simply so they can explore their talents.

Who wrote Jennie solo song?