Why your name didnt get Oscar?

Why your name didnt get Oscar?

First, the Academy awards are based on movies released in theaters in the United States (or submitted by countries into the Best Foreign Language film category). Your Name wasn’t released in the United States until 2017. So it would not be eligible for an Academy award until the 2018 Oscars.

Is Spirited Away better than your name?

When it comes to overall success, Spirited Away is the winner of the two. While Your Name earned $358 million at the box office, Spirited Away earned $383 million. On Rotten Tomatoes, Spirited Away holds a rating of 97\% with an average score of 8.61 while Your Name holds a rating of 98\% with an average score of 8.22.

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Did Kimi no Na wa win an Oscar?

Bandung Film Festival for Imported Film
Japan Record Special AwardJapan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in MusicJapan Academy Prize for Popularity Award – Most popular filmJapan Academy Film Prize for Screenplay of the Year
Your Name/Awards

Who has refused an Oscar?

9 Actors Who Did Not Accept Their Oscars (Live Or At All)

  1. 1 John Gielgud.
  2. 2 Peter O’Toole.
  3. 3 Katharine Hepburn.
  4. 4 Michael Caine.
  5. 5 Paul Newman.
  6. 6 Elizabeth Taylor.
  7. 7 Marlon Brando.
  8. 8 George S.

Why did Marlon Brando reject Oscar?

The Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather attended the ceremony in Brando’s place, stating that the actor “very regretfully” could not accept the award, as he was protesting Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in film. …

Is Your Name related to Spirited Away?

Despite not airing in the United States until April, Your Name has earned $US281 million worldwide, becoming the highest grossing anime film ever; a title previously held by the Academy-Award winning Spirited Away in 2001. And so, now fans are associating the teen body-swap flick as the “next Spirited Away.” Your Name.

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Did Your Name gross more than Spirited Away?

However, thanks to a record-breaking run in Japan, a new film has dethroned Spirited Away – Kimi no Na wa, better known as Your Name. Following the film’s global release, the Makoto Shinkai directed flick has grossed over $331 million at the international box office, beating Spirited Away’s total $289 million.

Is Weathering with you and Your Name connected?

Weathering With You Features Cameos From Your Name’s Main Characters. Rather than simply a passing reference to Your Name, Weathering With You features another Shinkai character cameo — and a significant one, at that. It’s from one of Your Name’s central characters: Taki Tachibana.

Why do the Oscars hate anime?

Among “6,028 Academy Award voters asked [surveyed], 94 percent were white, 76 percent were men, and the average age of voters was 63 years old.” (From Why anime films don’t get nominated for Oscars .). Anime simply don’t reach the attention of this demographic as much as they reach Japanese’ attention.

What is the difference between Spirited Away and Your Name?

Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature while Your Name didn’t even get a nomination (though it did get nominated at the Annie Awards). On Rotten Tomatoes, Spirited Away holds a rating of 97\% with an average score of 8.61 while Your Name holds a rating of 98\% with an average score of 8.22.

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Who is the director of the movie Spirited Away?

Spirited Away is a 2002 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in North America and Toho in Japan.

Is spirited away considered a fantasy movie?

Both Spirited Away and Your Name could be considered fantasy movies as they don’t rely on realism to tell their stories. And yet, the lore in Spirited Away is definitely more extensive than that in Your Name.

Is every anime film that comes out is Oscar-worthy?

“It’s also important to note that not every anime film that comes out is Oscar-worthy either,” he said in Skype message.