Why the Martian is the best movie?

Why the Martian is the best movie?

5 Clear Reasons The Martian Is One Of 2015’s Best Movies

  • It’s One Of The Funniest Movies Out There.
  • It’s The Best Ridley Scott Film In Years.
  • It’s Ensemble Casting At Its Finest.
  • There Is No True Villain.
  • It’s Rooted In Science Without Pandering.

Is the Martian like Interstellar?

No, they do not take place in the same universe. In Interstellar, the Rangers and Landers were developed under the pretense of a mission to Mars, but such a mission never occurred. It can be assumed that NASA never went to Mars due to difficulties with the Blight, which probably arose in modern day.

Why was The Martian so popular?

“The Martian” is a box office hit because it fits the tenor of the times. The film is a perfect reflection of the anti-politics-as-usual mood of the U.S. electorate and our craving for genuine heroes. Supporters of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders could join hands in rallying around this film.

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Is The Martian a good movie?

“The Martian,” directed by Ridley Scott, is a gritty survivalist tale that follows the story of astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon). What makes “The Martian” such a brilliant, captivating film is that it has more science fact than science fiction.

Is Martian better than Interstellar?

The Martian was a much happier story than Interstellar, but Interstellar is far more intense and emotionally-gripping. If you’re not much of a space person and like pure logic, you’ll probably enjoy The Martian more.

Is Interstellar like Gravity?

Both adhere to the science of space with a little touch of fantasy and science fiction. While Interstellar shows the diversity of vast spaces with excellent visual representations, Gravity is more like a survival movie with agonizing physical details and astonishing visuals.