Why potassium is the most reactive?

Why potassium is the most reactive?

– Potassium metal has more number of shells compared to sodium and thus it becomes easy to remove one electron from its outermost orbital ( less ionization enthalpy). – So, out of given metals, Potassium is the most reactive metal. Therefore, potassium is the most reactive metal among the given options.

Why francium is not the most reactive metal?

Put simply, the size and mass of francium means that its electrons are travelling at very high speeds. At these speeds the electrons become closer to the nucleus than expected, and they are consequently harder to remove.

Which metal is more reactive than francium?

The reactivity of alkali metals increases from the top to the bottom of the group, so lithium (Li) is the least reactive alkali metal and francium (Fr) is the most reactive.

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What element is more reactive than potassium?

All the group 1 metals are reactive, but they get more reactive as you go down the group, so potassium is more reactive than sodium, which is more reactive than lithium.

Why potassium is more reactive than sodium?

But on the other hand, potassium atoms due to being larger in size than the sodium atom has low ionization energy and thus, they can lose electrons easily and are less stable and more reactive.

Why is Francium the most reactive?

As there are now more shells between the electron and the nucleus, the outer electron experiences more shielding and therefore less attraction to the nucleus. This means that the outer electron is more easily removed in Francium than other group 1 elements.

Why are Francium and fluorine so reactive?

An element that is highly electronegative, such as fluorine, has an extremely high attraction for bonding electrons. Elements at the opposite end of the spectrum, such as highly reactive metals cesium and francium, readily form bonds with electronegative atoms.

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Is Francium or Caesium more reactive?

The electrons become a little closer to the nucleus than expected and they also become slightly harder to remove than expected. Thus Caesium is more reactive than Francium.

Why is potassium more reactive than gold?

The reactivity of metals depends upon the tendency of electrons to lose electrons. Potassium readily lose electron to form cation while gold does not lose electron easily. Hope it helps.