Why o hydroxybenzoic acid is stronger than p-hydroxybenzoic acid?

Why o hydroxybenzoic acid is stronger than p-hydroxybenzoic acid?

o-hydroxybenzoic acid is more acidic than p-hydroxybenzoic acid because its conjugate base is more stable. In o-hydroxybenzoic acid, the hydroxyl group is close enough to the carboxylic acid that the deprotonated oxygen can hydrogen bond with the hydroxyl group.

Why salicylic acid is more stronger than para hydroxybenzoic acid?

Salicylic acid is more acidic than para-hydroxy benzoic acid because in salicylic acid -OH group is present at the ortho position which accounts for the ortho effect and stabilises COO- by hydrogen bonding due to the -OH group.

Which is more acidic para hydroxybenzoic acid or meta hydroxybenzoic acid?

+I-Effect and +R-Effect intensifies the negative charge on the carboxylate ion thereby making the carboxylate ion less stable and decreases the acidity of the benzoic acid. So, meta-hydroxybenzoic acid is more acidic than para-hydroxybenzoic acid.

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Is salicylic acid water soluble?

Novel salicylic acid delivery forms Curcylic 40 (Salicylic acid, Cocamidopropylamine – Vantage Specialties) is water soluble at a PH of 3 without needing any solvents.

Why P-hydroxybenzoic acid is a weaker acid than benzoic acid?

Whereas the former helps in the release of H+ from the carboxyl group, the latter tends to oppose the same because of resonance. At the para position, the +R effect dominates the -I effect. Therefore, p-hydroxybenzoic acid is a weaker aid (Ka=2.5×10-5) than benzoic acid (Ka=6.3×10-5).

Why P-hydroxybenzoic acid is less acidic than benzoic acid?

The resonance effectbeing stronger as compared to inductive effect, there is net increase in electron densifty at o-and p- positions, p-hydroxy benzoic acid is, therefore, less acidic than benzoic acid.

Which is more acidic o salicylic acid or p salicylic acid?

Isolation of Hydroxy- and Methoxyhippuric Acids-The various hippuric acids derived from substituted benzoic acids are best isolated from human urine.

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Why o hydroxybenzoic acid is 40 times stronger than P-hydroxybenzoic acid?

The intramolecular hydrogen bond in ortho-hydroxybenzoic acid between the COO− and the -OH groups forms a six membered ring. Since this structure is very stable, the deprotonation of the acid is favoured and the compound is more acidic.

Why is salicylic acid not soluble in water?

solubility of salicylic acid in water is pH and temperature dependent. salicylic acid having intra-molecular H- bonding and due to this it posses non polar character. water is polar solvent and salicylic acid exhibit non polar character. in normal condition salicylic acid is insoluble in water.

Why is the salicylate ion more soluble in water than salicylic acid?

Sodium salicylate is roughly 350 times more soluble in water than salicylic acid due to its ionic character (Figure 4.55), and it is rather insoluble in organic solvents such as diethyl ether.

Which is are less acidic than benzoic acid?

Although p-hydroxy benzoic acid is less acidic than benzoic acid, ortho hydroxy benzoic acid (salicylic acid) is about 15 times more acidic than benzoic acid.

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Why p -hydroxybenzoic acid does not release H X + easily?

So for p -hydroxybenzoic acid, the carbonyl carbon has a greater ability to share molecular orbital’s electron cloud to its attached hydroxy group. So the hydroxy group doesn’t release H X + easily.

Is hydroxybenzoic acid more acidic than salicylic acid?

NOTE- salicylic acid is eighteen times more acidic than benzoic acid whereas p- hydroxybenzoic acid is half as acidic.

What is the structure of ortho-hydroxybenzoic acid?

Ortho-hydroxybenzoic acid is also called salicylic acid. It has intramolecular hydrogen bonding (chelation) between -OH and -COOH groups (owing to their proximity and hence formation of stable five or six membered hydrogen bonded ring). Chelation increases stability due to extra attraction and hence release of energy.

Does O-hydroxybenzoinc acid have intermolecular or intramolecular hydrogen bonding?

Lastly, one could also argue that in the case of o -hydroxybenzoinc acid, there is both the option of intermolecular and intramolecular H -bonding compared to the para where there is only intermolecular H -bonding. The intramolecular hydrogen bond in ortho -hydroxybenzoic acid between the C O O X − and the – O H groups forms a six membered ring.