Why Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India?

Why Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India?

Kerala has emerged as the state with the highest literacy rate in India, yet again. The structural and historical reasons for this achievement are traced back to the 19th century when the queen of Trivandrum decreed the provision of free elementary education to all the people residing in the state.

Does Kerala have 100 literacy?

But even more impressive, Kerala has the highest literacy rate of all the states and even has the label of a total literacy state. In fact, the total literacy in Kerala is 93.91 percent.

Is Kerala really literate?

At 96.2 per cent, Kerala emerged as the most literate state in India once again. In Kerala, the female literacy rate has been pegged at 95.2 per cent in contrast to the male literacy rate at 97.4 per cent. Delhi stood second only to Kerala with an overall literacy rate of 88.7 per cent.

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Why is Kerala the most literate state?

Kerala is the most literate state in India The reason Kerala is most iterate is that at the time of independence its literacy rate already was 47 per cent, which is very much higher than other states. At that time states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were having a 10 to 13 per cent literacy rate.

Why Kerala people are more educated?

The roots of Kerala’s literacy can be traced back at least to the Hindu rulers of the 19th century. The Queen of Trivandrum issued a royal decree in 1817 that said “ The state should defray the entire cost of the education of its people in order that there might be no backwardness in the spread of enlightenment.

Why Kerala has best education?

Kerala is known for its highest literacy rate in the country and one hundred per cent enrolment of children in primary and secondary education. With around 46 lakh students, 16,000 schools and 1.69 lakh teachers, the student-teacher ratio and student-school ratio reveal a desirable scenario.

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Why Kerala is best in education system?

Education in Kerala – With a literacy rate of 93.91\%, Kerala is the most literate states of India. The government of kerala put a high percentage of budget in the development of the education sector. 20 colleges of Kerala are ranked under the top 100 colleges of India in NIRF 2020.

Does Kerala have the highest literacy rate?

New Delhi: With 96.2 per cent literacy, Kerala has once again emerged as the most literate state in the country, while Andhra Pradesh featured at the bottom with a rate of 66.4 per cent, showed a report based on National Statistical Office (NSO) survey.

Why Kerala is most educated?

Christian missionaries and British rule brought the modern school education system to Kerala. Kerala’s high literacy rate is attributed to a high literacy rate among girls; as it is said, “When a woman is educated, she will make sure that her children are well-educated.”

Which is the most literate state in India?

Slide 1 of 5: Literacy rate: 96.2\%Kerala has been the most literate state in India for a few years now. However, in Kerala also, male literacy (97.4\%) is more than the female literacy rate (95.2\%).

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What is the total literacy rate in Kerala?

In fact, the total literacy in Kerala is 93.91 percent. Kerala is a fairly small state and largely rural, rather than being a center of commerce. Additionally, it does not have a high level of industrial development. However, Kerala rises above other states regarding development indicators like literacy, health outcomes and life expectancy.

Which state contributes to achieving maximum literacy rate in India?

The western union territory of the country, Daman and Diu is one of the states that contributed to achieving maximum literacy rate in India. It has seriously implemented government literacy programs in every corner of the UT. This has shown positive results in the percentage growth of literacy rate.

Is there any chance of increasing literacy rate in Delhi?

And there is more chance of increasing the literacy rate of this state in the coming few years. Delhi is the capital condition of the nation (India), and beforehand, it was recorded as the top sixth most instructed territory of India. Yet, then in the mid times, the education pace of Delhi went somewhat down.