Why is Natasha so sad in endgame?

Why is Natasha so sad in endgame?

In endgame, Natasha being sad because her supposed family at the time, the Avengers, being gone doesnt really makes sense. The original Avengers didnt get snapped. So who exactly is she mourning for? Black Widow introduces us to her fake family.

Why was black widow crying in the beginning of endgame?

Scarlett Johansson once revealed that when she learnt about the heartbreaking death of Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame, she cried in the shower. Endgame addressed the fallout as the remaining Avengers went to different places and locations to get Infinity Stone and undo Thanos’ snap.

Does Natasha Romanoff have PTSD?

While Natasha is always on her guard and can keep calm in threatening situations, she shows no signs of Post Traumatic Stress from what she experienced in childhood. She has no non-induced flashbacks, no nightmares, no phobias, no social anxiety, no substance abuse problems or any real trust issues.

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Is Natasha’s death in ‘Endgame’ still a controversy?

The movie comes with a bittersweet reaction from fans following Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame. After being a huge part of the MCU since its early days and being a beloved member of the original six Avengers, seeing Natasha go was a very sad moment. And after all this time, her death is still a controversial moment for fans.

What is Natasha Romanoff’s real name?

Her upcoming solo movie Black Widow might help clear some things up, but until then, there are some peculiarities about her that remain unclarified. In the Marvel Comics universe, Natasha’s full real name is not Natasha Romanoff, but Natalia Alianovna Romanova.

Are people who left therapy because of the snap coming back?

However that very dark scenario checks out, the point is, the people who left because of the snap are back. Also, anyone who is licensed as a therapist will be in very high demand.

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Why is Natasha Romanoff allowed to be on the Avengers?

However, Natasha Romanoff defected from Russia, where she was trained since childhood to be an assassin, and yet she is allowed to be an Avenger. While it is a good thing that she can be on the team, it’s strange that she seems to be held to a different standard than other characters who aren’t allowed on the team.