Why is Daenerys called dragon after viserys?

Why is Daenerys called dragon after viserys?

Notably, this is the dragon named after Viserys, Daenerys’s power-hungry older brother. In the first season, Viserys sold his sister to Khal Drogo in exchange for an army he could use to take the Iron Throne. Like its namesake, Viserion is set to turn on Daenerys and Drogon, the dragon named after Drogo.

How does Tyrion know Valyrian?

Tyrion learned High Valyrian from his tutors growing up, as apparently many of the noble-born of Westeros do. Thus even though the Valyrian Freehold never extended to Westeros, many of the better-educated characters are capable of understanding it.

Who killed the Ice dragon?

Arya Stark
As Jon comes out of hiding, Viserion readies himself to kill him, but Arya Stark kills the Night King, severing the magic used to reanimate him and causing the dragon to drop dead.

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Why did Daenerys have three dragon eggs?

Daenerys’ three dragon eggs were a gift to her from Magister Illyrio. That could have been true. If a dragon egg does not hatch, it eventually petrifies. The egg remains a beautiful commodity, but in the end its just that – a beautiful piece of rock.

What did Illyrio give Daenerys Targaryen?

The most notable present was a trio of petrified dragon eggs given to Daenerys by Illyrio. The Magister of Pentos also added some insight into where the eggs came from.

How did Daenerys care for the eggs of Khal?

As Daenerys started to care for the dragon eggs, they started to become richer in color. The black, green, and gold eggs remained unhatched despite Daenerys’ efforts. After smothering Khal as a mercy kill, she placed the eggs in his funeral pyre.

What is the difference between Targaryen and Westeros dragon eggs?

Although in light of fAegon, these dragon eggs might have actually originated from Westeros. That they’re Targaryen dragon eggs. The difference is important. We learn that Targaryens bond with the dragons before their dragons even hatch.