Why do people compare Radiohead and Coldplay?

Why do people compare Radiohead and Coldplay?

Radiohead makes music “for the sake of music,” whereas Coldplay makes music for the sake of profitability through mass market appeal. Coldplay = mass market. Radiohead = niche market.

Are Radiohead and Coldplay similar?

They sound similar due to the influence Radiohead had on Coldplay. They sound similar due to the influence Radiohead had on Coldplay. As for your second question, Coldplay is underated because of the music they make. A lot of people these days would want some hyped up music with more electronic sounds and all.

Why do all Coldplay songs sound the same?

It’s just that the rhythm seems to stand out more than anything else. Of course, this is not true for all bands. But bands which have persisted longer than, say, 10 years tend to have a signature sound. As a result, all Coldplay songs tend to “sound” the same.

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Is Coldplay influenced by Radiohead?

Coldplay have notoriously lived on a thin line between “being heavy influenced” and “straightfoward copying” ideas from their self-acknowledged influences, among which star U2, Oasis, and Radiohead.

Is Radiohead done?

Despite solo careers, Radiohead still frequently comes together for concerts. However, 2020 is not the time for a new album. Drummer Philip Selway told NME the band is taking the year off to focus on other projects. Since their last album, Radiohead has been touring and releasing new music now and then.

Are all Coldplay songs the same?

British rock band Coldplay have recorded over 175 songs during their career. Since their formation in 1996, Coldplay have credited all of their songs to all four members of the group. The group also has an alternative rock style, said to be reminiscent of Oasis and Radiohead.

Is AC DC a one trick pony?

If they’re a little more daring they might suggest AC/DC or Ramones. But all these bands have something in common: they have one song. Not literally, because they have the decency to give them different names – but they are all essentially reworking the same musical idea over and over again.

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Who in Coldplay had an addiction?

Chris Martin has been addicted to sleeping pills Coldplay’s lead vocalist has been vocal about staying away from addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol. He once told The Guardian that he’d only been drunk two times in his life.