Why do I feel scared to start studying?

Why do I feel scared to start studying?

Conscious barriers include: Distractions such as TV, a busy social scene or social Networks. There may be practical reasons such as having to help at home or part time work which reduces the time available for study. The physical study environment may not be suitable – noisy or lacking privacy.

How can I reduce my fear of study?

How to Overcome Exam Phobia

  1. Relax and Make a Plan.
  2. Have Proper Rest and Eat Well.
  3. Do Not Compare Yourself with Others.
  4. Take Small and Regular Examination Breaks.
  5. Make Time for Revision to Keep Exam Phobia at Bay.
  6. Sleep Properly.
  7. Stay Positive.
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Why can’t I start studying?

Main reason of afraid to study is our environment. if our environment is really good and most of them are disciplined, focused and concerned about future then nobody can stop you to start studying, rather than start studying while you cannot stop your self. Only follow three rule: Stay with positive people.

Why do I avoid studies?

Another most common reason for not studying is that they suffer from laziness and due to this they cannot concentrate and lose interest in studies. They tend to sleep or nap while studying and this wastes their study time.

Why do I freak out when I study?

I freak out during studying because it makes my mind free of distraction and I can’t help from thinking of that exam I failed and phrase that came out wrong. Doing little rituals help me, like splashing water to my face and feeling the wind.

Why do we put off studying until the last minute?

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In other words, we put off studying until the last minute because (1) we know the work is hard and will require a lot of mental energy, and (2) until there’s the threat of actually failing the exam (and therefore potentially being humiliated publicly) we’re not in enough emotional pain to motivate us to start studying.

How do you deal with lack of sleep when studying?

Set yourself an end-of-the-day alarm. Yes, studying more consistently for shorter chunks will allow you to spread it over a longer period of time; therefore, preventing the need to deprive yourself of sleep just to get your coursework done. But really, it’s a psychological issue.

What does it feel like to study for an exam?

For most of us, the experience of studying for an exam can be captured in one word: panic. You’ve got 18 hours, exhausted, and sitting there staring at an equations sheet full of gibberish.