Why did you choose computer science engineering?

Why did you choose computer science engineering?

If you see yourself designing and creating software systems, then computer science might be the right course of study for you. Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems. Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world. Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.

What are the benefits of computer science?

Computer science benefits society by…

  • Directly meeting needs.
  • Empowering people who are often overlooked.
  • Paving the way for a more equitable world.
  • Accelerating healthcare progress.
  • Furthering education.
  • Expanding communication.
  • Predicting and avoiding catastrophes.
  • Positively impacting every area of society.

Why do people choose to study Computer Science and engineering?

You *might* choose to study a subject because it is a very hot field for employment, as this field is… today. If you chose to study Computer Science & Engineering because the job prospects are good but you are not really interested in the subjects, the following things might happen:

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Is computer engineering a good career option for me?

So if you are passionate about computers and with programming or any other field of computers, then you can choose computer engineering as your career for sure. Gateway Education offers a wide range of technical and professional courses that help the students in making their career shine.

Why do you want to become an engineer?

Being an engineer is fun because I get to use magic to create things every day. One day, I’ll make something that can help change the world, and that’s why I want to become an engineer. Computer Science:- Computing is part of everything we do. Such as, expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.

Why should I major in computing?

Expertise in computing helps you even if your primary career choice is something else. Having a computing major will provide you with a foundation of knowledge, problem solving, and logical thinking that will serve as a competitive advantage to you in your career, in whatever field you choose.