Why did the Byzantine Empire grow weaker?

Why did the Byzantine Empire grow weaker?

Why did the Byzantine military grow weaker? A deadly disease known as “justinian’s Plague” killed many soldiers and weakened their ability to fight wars. Also did not have enough money to support a large army. What is an example of Greek influence on Roman culture?

What stopped the Byzantine Empire from growing?

Civil wars. Probably the most important single cause of Byzantium’s collapse was its recurrent debilitating civil wars. Three of the worst periods of civil war and internal infighting took place during Byzantium’s decline.

What impact did the Macedonian empire have on the Byzantine Empire?

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The Macedonian Dynasty saw the Byzantine Renaissance, a time of increased interest in classical scholarship and the assimilation of classical motifs into Christian artwork. The empire also expanded during this period, conquering Crete, Cyprus, and most of Syria.

What succeeded the Byzantine Empire?

Its remaining territories were progressively annexed by the Ottomans in the Byzantine–Ottoman wars over the 14th and 15th centuries. The fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 ended the Byzantine Empire….Byzantine Empire.

Preceded by Succeeded by
Roman Empire Ottoman Empire

What challenges did the Byzantine Empire face?

How did internal political conflicts weaken the Byzantine Empire? They were selfish, low morale and values, ruthless leaders, many environmental and health issues, excessive military spending, inflation, rise in Christianity, 25 emperors had been assassinated, urban decay, corruption unemployment.

When did the Palaiologoi rule the Byzantine Empire?

The Byzantine Empire was ruled by the Palaiologoi dynasty in the period between 1261 and 1453 AD, from the restoration of Byzantine rule to Constantinople by the usurper Michael VIII Palaiologos following its recapture from the Latin Empire, founded after the Fourth Crusade (1204), up to the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire.

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What role did Michael VIII Palaiologos play in the restoration of Constantinople?

However, John IV was overshadowed by his co-emperor, Michael VIII Palaiologos. Palaiologos was a leading noble of military standing and the main figure of the regency of John IV, who had used this role to propel himself to the throne, and set the stage for his becoming sole Emperor of the restored Byzantine Empire.

When did the Paleolithic Age start and end?

The Paleolithic Age was the first subset of the Stone Age and ranged from the beginning of humanity to about 12,000 BCE (depending on the area) when the Ice Age ended. Humans in the Paleolithic Age were quite a bit more advanced than we usually give them credit for.

How did people live in the Palaeolithic age?

During the Palaeolithic Age humans grouped together in small bands. They lived by gathering plants and hunting wild animals. As well as using stone tools, they used tools of wood and bone. They probably also used leather and vegetable fibers but these have not lasted from that time.