Why did Snape suspect Quirrell?

Why did Snape suspect Quirrell?

For this particular one it is because Snape didn’t know that it was Voldemort under the turban, so he thought Professor Quirrel was simply going after the stone to get the glory for himself.

How did Snape explain Quirrell to Voldemort?

The books do explain many things, even if it takes a few books. This particular question was answered within the first few chapters of HBP, where Snape says along the lines of he only saw Quirrell trying to steal the stone and if he knew it was Voldemort behind the plot, he would have helped.

Why didn’t Dumbledore know Quirrell was Voldemort?

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Quirrel (through the Dark Lord) likely hid his secret from Dumbledore by virtue of the skill of Occlumens. Additionally, Dumbledore was probably waiting for some greater indication that Voldemort had truly returned. The tendency is to view Dumbledore as an all-knowing and altruistic, but the reality is very different.

What does Snape say to Quirrell?

He bluntly asked Quirrell about his progress. Quirrell claimed ignorance, but Snape proceeded to threaten him, saying that Quirrell better figure out “where [his] loyalties lie.” Harry eavesdropped on this conversation, and it served to convince him that Snape was trying to steal the Stone.

How did Professor Quirrell meet Voldemort?

Quirrell sharing his body with Voldemort Quirinus Quirrell first met Lord Voldemort in 1991, in the forests of Albania, where Voldemort subjugated Quirrell into servitude. Quirrell brought him back to Britain, and eventually to Hogwarts.

What did Snape say to Quirrell?

I deeply regret that he did not trust me, He would have returned to power three years sooner. As it was, I saw only greedy and unworthy Quirrell attempting to steal the stone and, I admit, I did all I could to thwart him.”

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Does Snape have Voldemort’s Trust?

Snape does not have Voldemort’s unconditional trust. In the books, many people (especially Bellatrix) are shown to resent him and distrust him, pointing to his apparent loyalty to Dumbledore. The information about Harry leaving from his house is leaked by Snape, but he makes sure that Voldemort does not know about the Polyjuice potion.

Why did Voldemort keep the Quirrell stone?

Voldemort must have thought that Snape didn’t know Voldemort was inside the body of Quirrell, He just had to keep the stone safe, because he wouldn’t get trusted by dumbledore.

Why did Snape save Harry Potter from Quirrell?

In muttering his countercurse at the Quidditch pitch and saving Harry, Snape shows that either he already suspected and was under orders to stop Quirrell OR he was simply doing it because of his obligation to protect Harry from his promises to Dumbledore and because James saved him once, or for Lily’s memory.

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How does Harry learn that Voldemort is involved?

Harry makes the connection that Voldemort is involved after his encounter with the hooded Quirrell in the Forbidden Forest. Snape didn’t benefit from this revelation, however, since Harry thought he was the one who was after the Stone.