Why did Madara give Nagato the Rinnegan instead of obito?

Why did Madara give Nagato the Rinnegan instead of obito?

This was Nagato. Uzumaki clan was known for their huge chakra reserves, so the user of the Rinnegan could tap into its original power because of their chakra levels. So he transplanted his Rinnegan into a young Nagato without the boy’s knowing, intending Nagato to someday use the eyes to restore Madara to life.

Why didn’t obito get both Rinnegan?

Hagoromo Otsutsuki was the first and the only original user of the Rinnegan. He didn’t have the chakra of Indra Otsutsuki, since he wasn’t Indra’s reincarnate. Obito did indeed have Asura Otsutsuki’s chakra thanks to Hashirama’s cells. However, he couldn’t get his hands on Indra’s chakra.

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Why didn’t Nagato give the Rinnegan to Naruto?

Whenever Nagato died, why didn’t he give his Rinnegan to Naruto? – Quora. Because Naruto would’ve been completely broken if Nagato gave him the rinnegan.

Is Nagato’s Rinnegan Madaras?

Nagato got the Rinnegan from Madara, who implanted the eyes into him. Madara intended to take the Rinnegan back after becoming reanimated in the future. Nagato was chosen to get Madara’s eyes because his clan (Uzumaki) was a distant branch of the Senju clan.

Why can obito use susanoo?

Itachi was able to use Susano’o while his Sharingan was deactivated. Obito never awakened the MS while he had both of his eyes in his eye sockets, hence he wasn’t able to use Susano’o in the series. The only time he could potentially been able to was after Madara took his Rinnegan and gave Obito his other Sharingan.

Why couldn’t Obito get the Rinnegan?

Obito couldn’t acquire Rinnegan because he was not Indra’s reincarnate. And like others said Sharingan is necessary to acquire Rinnegan is still mystery. Having Sharingan is necessary or not is never confirmed in the series but there is something. Here Madara lost his eye to Izanagi but he acquired Rinnegan in both eyes.

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How does Nagato use the Rinnegan?

The Rinnegan is a powerful Dojutsu and requires powerful and large Chakra Reserves in order to utilize them to their full potential. Nagato, being of Uzumaki lineage, is able to wield the Rinnegan because of his life force and chakra reserves.

Who is the weakest Obito/Nagato?

The weakest Obito we’ve seen is him as a young kid in Team Minato. The weakest Nagato we’ve seen is him as kid when he first meets Yahiko and Konan. This version of Obito had just awakened his Sharingan and his natural element affinity was Fire (Like most Uchihas).

Why did Obito use Nagato to revive Madara?

Madara was actually a pawn in Black Zetsu’s plan to revive Kaguya Otsutsuki. So he had Madara use Nagato as a pawn to use Rinne Rebirth to revive Madara so black Zetsu could ultimately use Madara as a vessel to revive Kaguya Otsutsuki. Since this original plan had failed, Obito had to take matters into his own hands.