Why did I have a dream about selling my soul?

Why did I have a dream about selling my soul?

Dreaming about selling your soul to the Devil could mean there’s something you want but can’t get and are trying to find a way to get it. The Devil could also represent some evil or unpleasant circumstance in your life that you’d like to get rid of but don’t know how. Is there an unfulfilled wish you long for?

What does it mean to sell one’s soul to the devil?

Definition of sell one’s soul (to the devil) : to gain wealth, success, power, etc., by doing something bad or dishonest He has sold his soul (to the devil) for fame and prosperity.

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How does it feel to have no soul?

People who don’t have a soul are usually incapable of feeling emotions or having ambitions. Their sense of self is clouded, deluded, and warped. With this in mind then, it can be clear that someone who doesn’t have a soul is deeply unhappy.

What does it mean to dream about selling your soul?

You can do anything in a dream, well, if you can control your dreams that is. Selling one’s soul refers to leaning toward evil or bad things, that’s why it’s called selling yourself to the devil, and if you wish to do it, it’s extremely easy, and probably more satisfying from the financial aspect.

How do you know if you have sold yourself to the Devil?

Just look around at the horrible things happening in the world around you, and you have to come to the conclusion that the devil truly exists. If you have really sold yourself to the devil, then he will not let you go, and there is only one way that you will ever be free from him.

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Is it possible to sell your soul?

No, you can not. Your soul is part of a complicated spiritual belief system, unsupported by any meaningful scientific evidence whatsoever. The idea of selling your soul is as well. Of course you might dream that you have sold your soul, but dreams are only the way your brain processes information that has accrued while you were awake.