Why did Arya abandon the Hound?

Why did Arya abandon the Hound?

Why did Arya leave the Hound to die? He had said in a previous episode that “dead men don’t need silver”. When Arya saw this, she knew that the Hound still has hope that he will still live. She decided to just leave him there without taking away that hope.

Why didnt Arya help the Hound?

The Hound is looking for somebody who would pay him a handsome ransom for Arya, and she is tagging along for safety. There’s absolutely no love lost between the two. Arya does not kill him because he wants to end this suffering, whereas she, wants him to suffer. She sees this as her retribution.

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Where does Arya go after Braavos?

Arya leaves Braavos after defeating the Waif, intent to be Arya Stark rather than no one. She heads to the Twins, where she gets her revenge on the Freys. Off-screen, she kills Lord Walder Frey’s two sons, Lothar and “Black” Walder, and bakes them into a pie she feeds to their father.

Who gave Arya Stark the coin?

Jaqen gives her a coin and tells her that if she ever needs to see him again, she must show the coin to a Braavosi and say the words “Valar Morghulis.” He tells her to repeat the words and then announces that Jaqen H’ghar is dead. He turns his face away from Arya and when he turns back his face has changed.

Did The Hound love Arya?

Yes the Hound loved Arya. But as a drinking buddy, fellow warrior (she appreciated the fact that he accepted her as a female warrior), but he didn’t love her sexually or romantically. At first she was just a paycheque to him, a way to get back the money the Brotherhood Without Banners took from him.

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What happened to Arya in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale?

The finale of season seven sees Arya’s long, tumultuous journey bring her back, finally, to Winterfell, to her home, back to her brother and sister, while also showing off her new moves, one such move that will come in handy later.

How did Arya meet the Waif in House of black and white?

Inside the House of Black and White Arya met the Waif who asked her who she was but hit her when she stated ‘no one’. Jaqen H’ghar told Arya that she was wearing Arya Stark’s clothes and using Arya’s sword so she was not no one.

Why did Arya get angry at the Brotherhood Without Banners?

Arya became angry when the Brotherhood Without Banners sold Gendry to Melisandre. After escaping from the Brotherhood Arya was captured by Sandor Clegane who decided to take her to her mother and brother, Robb, at the Twins where her uncle was to be married.

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What happened to Arya Stark after King’s landing?

Arya, together with Hot Pie, Lommy Greenhands and Gendry leave King’s Landing to travel north to the Wall. They are also taking three murderers who are locked in a cage. Arya continued to travel north with Yoren and the Night’s Watch recruits. Arya became close to Gendry and told him her true identity.