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Why are there so few Hindi speakers in the US?

Why are there so few Hindi speakers in the US?

However, the speakers of the language use it mostly at home because of the dominance of the English language. The native speakers of Hindi in the United States are very few most of whom are immigrants from India. Their offspring prefer learning English because it is the language used in the country.

Which country has the largest number of Hindi speaking people?

The largest number of Hindi speaking people is in India. Approximately 422 million Indians (40\%) speak Hindi as the first or second language. English and Hindi are the two national languages of India.

Is the Hindi language superior to other North Indian languages?

Hindi is simply a standardised form of a Khariboli dialect that was spoken in Western UP/Delhi/Eastern Haryana. It does not make it superior to any other North Indian language. After that, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana are also states where Hindi has become more popular than the local languages.

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Why is Hindi not an official language in Nepal?

Despite being spoken by a large population, Hindi is not recognized as an official language in Nepal. In 2016 parliamentarians sought to include the language as a offical language when it was determined that 80\% of Nepalese understand the language.

Where is Hindi spoken other than India?

Apart from India, Hindi is also spoken in other countries including Mauritius, Suriname, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, and South Africa.

How is Hindi different from other European languages?

Hindi is written from left to right just like the European languages. However, it is much easier to read Hindi than European languages because words are written exactly as they are pronounced. Hindi does not have the articles ‘the’ or ‘a.’ The sentence structure differs from English because the verbs go to the end of the sentence.

How many people in the world speak Hindi?

The Hindi language is the official language of India and a recognized minority language in the United Arab Emirates. It is a first language to about 425 million people and a second language to 120 million. Hindi derives its name from the Persian word “hind” which means the “land of the Indus River.” The Persian speaking Turks who invaded…