Why are there no batches available on Instacart?

Why are there no batches available on Instacart?

If an Instacart Shopper consistently has low ratings, there will be a decrease in the number of batches sent to them. Instacart’s algorithm automatically prioritizes Shoppers with excellent and above-average ratings.

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Can you accept more than 1 batch on Instacart?

Did you know that Instacart shoppers can shop for more than one order at the same time? It’s called a double batch, and not all shoppers are excited to see them on their list of available orders.

Why is Instacart so slow today?

Supply and demand. As more people use the service, it gets harder to find enough Instacart Shoppers to accommodate the increase. However, Instacart is still able to deliver on time for 90\% of orders.

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Who pays more Instacart or DoorDash?

DoorDash pays more than Instacart. Though the average earning per hour for both is similar, DoorDash’s base rate for tips is higher, and this is what constitutes about 50\% of shopper earnings.

Does Instacart send you a shirt?

You get to wear a green shirt with Instacart logo and a lanyard so stores know you are shopping for Instacart. You could wait 2-3 hours before you get an order and not get paid for that time. Depending of the number of items in your order, you are allotted certain amount of time.

Why won’t Instacart Let Me order in batch?

Another factor that can lead to no batches on Instacart is a lack of customers. Again, this is basic supply and demand and makes sense; if fewer Instacart customers are ordering on the platform, there’s fewer batches to go around. If you have a high shopper rating and never get batches, this reason is probably the culprit.

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What star rating do you need on Instacart to receive batches?

Instacart suggests that you maintain at least 4.6 stars (out of 5) to receive enough batches. So, a lower rating immediately hurts your chances of receiving a steady stream of batches while you’re working.

How do bad reviews affect Instacart?

Bad customer reviews will limit the number of batches an Instacart shopper can have access to because the batch assignment system prioritizes shoppers with the highest ratings. It’s understandable since the higher ratings are an indication of customer satisfaction which the company would naturally want to reinforce.

How to get more batchs of alcohol with Instacart?

So, if you live in an alcohol-enabled Instacart state, an easy way to get more batches with Instacart is to complete the alcohol certification course. And this isn’t some complicated in-person course or program you need to pass; you can find the alcohol certification course right in the shopper app.

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