Why are there always two versions of Pokemon?

Why are there always two versions of Pokémon?

The developers wanted to stimulate children to search each other out to trade Pokémon and battle against each other. This is why they created two versions of the same game, with each of them having some version-exclusive Pokémon not present in the other game.

Why do you think Pokémon Go takes the world by a storm?

The reason the game gets so addicting is because it adds the element from previous Pokémon games of feeling the need to ‘Catch ‘Em All”. The game has 150 Pokémon to collect. As you level up, rarer Pokémon will become available to you. The only way to level up of course, is to catch more Pokémon.

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Is Pokémon journeys finished?

The November issue of Shogakukan ‘s Coro Coro Comics magazine published the final chapter of Machito Gomi’s Pokémon Journeys: The Series ( Pocket Monsters: Satoshi to Gō no Monogatari ) manga on Friday. Gomi launched the manga in Coro Coro Comics in December 2019. …

Did Pokemon Red and Green debut in Japan?

They were first released in Japan in 1996 as Pocket Monsters: Red and Pocket Monsters: Green, with the special edition Pocket Monsters: Blue being released in Japan later that same year. The games were later released as Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue in North America and Australia in 1998 and Europe in 1999.

Why are there 3 Pokemon games?

The intent was to make it impossible to complete your PokeDex with a single game, so you would have to trade Pokemon with a friend who had the other version in order to get a complete collection. It’s supposed to encourage socialization and spending time with your friends.

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Will Serena return in Pokémon master journeys?

Pokémon: Serena Will Never Return to the Series | CBR.

What is the 23rd season of Pokémon?

Pokémon Journeys: The Series
Pokémon Journeys: The Series is the twenty-third season of the Pokémon anime series and the first and titular season of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, known in Japan as Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター, Poketto Monsutā).

Why is Pokemon Go not working on my phone?

Pokemon Go won’t open If the app won’t open at all, or you open it and found you’ve been logged out, that’s caused by server issues – like a number of other problems on this list. All you can do is close the app and try again. If you’re logged out, don’t worry, when you sign back in, all your game progress will be there.

Are there any Pokemon that come from space?

But, there are actually a few that are technically aliens. Ultra Beasts come to mind first, but they’re actually from another dimension, rather than regular outer space. However, there are some Pokemon that do actually come from space — or are at least rumored to hail from the cosmos, in some capacity.

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Why is Pokemon Go so bad at catching Pokemon?

It’s also a point that’s prone to failure, because it’s so dependent on a good connection to the server. Often the app becomes unresponsive when catching a Pokemon because of server connection issues.

Why is Pokemon Go running so slow right now?

This was a problem with early version of the game, but were ironed out in updates to Pokemon Go through 2016. Now, if your game isn’t running as slick and fast as you’d like, there’s a couple of things that could be going on. Firstly, a poor server connection can cause this, and that’s likely to be because of your data connection.