Who killed the anti monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Who killed the anti monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Monitor died at the hands of Harbinger, but his death was all part of his plan. When the Monitor died, the energy released from his body flowed into a machine powerful enough to pull both Earth-1 and Earth-2 into a netherverse where they were safe from the antimatter waves.

How did the flash stop the anti monitor?

Fate of the Flash One possibility is that after saving his 11-year-old self, the future Flash ran back to 2024 where he stopped the antimatter wave by running fast enough but dying in the process, as seen happening in Barry’s final vision of Crisis in “A Flash of the Lightning” and to Earth-90’s Flash.

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Can The Flash beat the anti monitor?

This is where it’s revealed exactly how important the Flash is to the universe. There’s only one thing standing between the Anti-Monitor and complete destruction: Barry Allen. And in doing so, he destroys the Anti-Monitor’s cannon, saving the entire DCU from complete obliteration.

Who destroyed the multiverse DC?

Perpetua destroys much of the Multiverse while the Batman Who Laughs reshapes Earth-0 according to his whims, creating the Metalverse. The Batman Who Laughs successfully steals Wally’s new power, becoming a godlike being known as the Darkest Knight.

Who killed the Anti-Monitor?

He was killed by Steve Trevor, who was given the anti-life equation by Grail, Darkseid’s daughter. The Silver Age anti-monitor was a threat to all of existence, In the New 52 era he wasn’t especially powerful, he was Skyfather tier, he didn’t have reality-warping powers or magic.

Who imprisoned the Anti-Monitor?

demon Nekron
Through her state of death, she made contact with the demon Nekron, who is the one responsible for imprisoning the Anti-Monitor in the black battery as its power source. The Anti-Monitor resurrected and broken free from the Black Central Power Battery.

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Who can destroy omniverse?

A collection of universes is a multiverse which several multiverses make up a megaverse which in turn several megaverses make up an omniverse. The most powerful entity in the DB World is Zeno who can destroy a reality or timeline thus one multiverse.

Who can destroy a multiverse?

Here are 15 characters who were successful in destroying an entire universe.

  4. 4 THE GENTRY.
  5. 5 PARALLAX.

What happened to the Anti-Monitor in the Flash?

From here there is enough evidence to believe the Anti-Monitor was defeated by the Flash’s remaining allies after he vanished, as there were shadow demons and Mar Novu was preparing for this Crisis just like the one in the current timeline. Both speedsters fighting each other.

What is the Anti-Monitor crisis in Marvel Comics?

The Anti-Monitor Crisis, also known as the World Wide Crisis, the Crisis of Infinite Worlds, or simply the Crisis, was a massive, cosmic, and apocalyptic event that encompassed the cataclysmic destruction of every single Earth in the multiverse by the Anti-Monitor ‘s wave of antimatter, leaving only the chosen Paragons as the last survivors.

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What happened to the Flash after the crisis?

According to an article from the Citizen in 2049 that Nora West-Allen presented to Barry, the Flash was still missing 25 years after the Crisis, leaving behind his wife (Iris) and infant daughter (Nora).

What happened to Reverse Flash as a child?

Unknown to everyone, during the explosion, the Reverse-Flash traveled back in time to March 18 2000, to kill his nemesis as a child (like he planned before). However, the Flash followed his nemesis back through time. The two fought inside the Allen house around Nora Allen, each landing solid hits on the other, but their skills were fairly equal.