Who is the smartest Fantastic Four?

Who is the smartest Fantastic Four?

The 10 Smartest Characters From Fantastic Four Comics

  1. 1 Galactus Is Older Than This Universe.
  2. 2 Doom’s Accomplishments Are Amazing.
  3. 3 Reed Richards Is The Smartest Marvel Hero.
  4. 4 Black Panther Is One Of The Smartest People On Earth.
  5. 5 Spider-Man Is One Of Marvel’s Smartest Heroes.
  6. 6 Adam Warlock Was Created To Be Perfect.

Are the Fantastic 4 powerful?

The Fantastic Four comics are home to some of the strongest characters in all of Marvel’s universe. The Fantastic Four are Marvel’s first family and they’ve been facing down threats for longer than the X-Men or the Avengers.

Who is smarter Tony Stark or Mr Fantastic?

Stark, however, is only human. He may be one of the smartest human beings in the world, but he’s only considered the fourth most intelligent superhero in the Marvel Universe, according to CBR. Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, edges him out, and so does Richard’s daughter, Valarie.

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Who is more genius Reed Richards or Tony Stark?

Reed Richards is more intelligent. Reed is the most brilliant human in the universe. Tony himself considers him the only person who’s smarter than him.

Who is the most powerful of the Fantastic 4?

Sue Storm is officially the most powerful of the fantastic 4. Her force fields are strong enough to contain her brothers super nova attack which can reach 1 million degrees Fahr… Something went wrong. Wait a moment and try again. Try again Please enable Javascript and refresh the page to continue

How many members of the Fantastic Four are there?

The foursome hasn’t always consisted of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch. In fact, over the course of the FF’s 55+ years of history, they’ve had over 25 members. Marvel’s first family is no joke.

Who are the Fantastic Five in the MC2?

Fantastic Five. In the MC2 alternate future, the team is known as the Fantastic Five and consists of the following members: Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Ben Grimm, the Thing. Lyja Storm, Ms. Fantastic – Johnny’s wife, a member of the shape-shifting Skrull race. Franklin Richards, Psi-Lord – Son of Reed and Sue.

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Who is the Human Torch in Fantastic Four?

A former model who dated Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. When Mr. Fantastic planned a trip through space and time, he tasked each member of the team to find a suitable replacement just in case, as the travel was through time, they would return four minutes after they departed.