Who is the smartest Dragon Ball villain?

Who is the smartest Dragon Ball villain?

Zamasu was one of the most intelligent villains in all of Dragon Ball. He collected the Super Dragon Balls twice resulting in one version of himself taking over Goku’s body to grow exponentially stronger. The other time, he wished himself to be truly immortal.

Who is the main villain in Dragon Ball franchise?

Frieza – The main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku. He is the ruler of the Frieza Force and begins to have misgivings on the Saiyan’s and their rapid growth in strength. Zarbon – Frieza’s right-hand man, he suggests Frieza to annihilate the Saiyan race in order to avoid future repercussions.

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Who is the smartest person in Dragon Ball?

The 10 Smartest Heroes In The Dragon Ball Universe, Ranked

  1. 1 Bulma. Bulma may not have an ounce of fighting ability to her name, but that hardly matters when she built a literal time machine.
  2. 2 Son Gohan. Gohan has always been presented as an intellectual.
  3. 3 Future Trunks.
  4. 4 Karin.
  5. 5 Piccolo.
  6. 6 Master Roshi.
  7. 7 Dr.
  8. 8 Kuririn.

Is Piccolo the smartest fighter?

Piccolo is one of the most intelligent fighters and characters in Dragon Ball, but he’s not always right… Piccolo is one of the most intelligent fighters and characters in Dragon Ball. It’s what’s continued to make him at least somewhat relevant in Super, despite the huge power creep of the Saiyans.

Who is the most evil villain in Dragon Ball Z?

Top 10 DBZ Most Evil Villains and Their Best Scenes

  • Janemba.
  • Demon King Piccolo.
  • Saiyan Arc Vegeta.
  • Cell.
  • Androids 17 and 18.
  • Goku Black/Zamasu. Coming in at number 3 we have Goku Black/Zamasu!
  • Kid Buu. Coming in at number 2 we have Kid Buu!
  • Lord Frieza. Coming in at number 1 we have Lord Frieza!
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Does Dragon Ball have the best villains in pop culture?

Heroes are only as good as their villains, and fortunately, the Dragon Ball franchise has some of the best villains in pop culture. From the goofy exploits of Pilaf and the gang in the original Dragon Ball, to the seemingly unstoppable Jiren in Super, the franchise has never had an issue when creating memorable villains.

Is Dragon Ball a villain or character-driven franchise?

After all, Dragon Ball is a character driven franchise. At the same time, it’s a martial arts story and a rather dedicated on at that. Villains are, at times, defined by their power above all else. So who are the strongest villains in the franchise?

Who is the weakest villain in Dragon Ball Z?

It’s interesting that King Piccolo is often thought of as one of the franchise’s best villains, whereas Raditz is often ridiculed as being one of the weakest foes in Dragon Ball Z. That’s because Raditz probably is the weakest villain in Z. He was the first enemy encounter and defeated in the Dragon Ball Z series.

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Does Dragon Ball GT have any good villains?

For as disappointing as Dragon Ball GT is, it does have one or two great villains. Omega Shenron in particular provides some truly epic moments, as too do some of the other dragons. None quite compare to Baby, however, especially when it comes to sheer malice and intimidation.