Who is more powerful Lord Shiva or Hanuman?

Who is more powerful Lord Shiva or Hanuman?

, Have read BORI CE & KMG Mahabharat & Valmiki Ramayan. Hanuman Ji is much more powerful than Jalandhar as he was the ansh avtar of Lord Shiva himself. He can easily defeat and kill Ravan along with his entire army all alone. He has so many boons which made him very much powerful.

Did Lord Shiva and Hanuman fight?

No. Lord Hanuman never fought with Lord Shiva.

Who is stronger Hanuman or Bali?

However, Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman was much-much powerful than King Bali. In fact, there is no comparison between the two. Moreover, since Lord Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and the son of Lord Vayu , he had a great amount of power right from his birth.

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Who is more powerful Hanuman or Krishna?

Yes Krishna is more powerful than Hanuman. If we consider divinity aspect Hanuman was incarnation of Vayu and Krishna was incarnation of Vishnu. Vishnu was more powerful than Vayu.

Who is stronger Sugriva and Hanuman?

Because Bali had vardan to steal half of the opponent’s power and use it for his own good. He defeated Ravan (Once) and Sugreev (Twice) with same tactic. That’s why even Ram had to hide and kill him. Hanuman was indeed stronger than all of vanaras including Bali and Sugreva .

Is anyone powerful than Hanuman?

Hanuman has a status of God so he is more powerful. But as a mortal Ravan is more powerful in a sense that he has learned or earned all the skills. But Hanuman is a better controller of powers and let not powers corrupt him with ego etc.

What does Parvati tell Lord Shiva when he fights against Hanuman?

Parvati tells Lord Shiva that she is going to close her eyes when he fights against Hanuman. Lord Shiva and Hanumaan go into the space with their divine powers. They attack each other with their maces. Lord Shiva hurls a weapon towards earth. However, Hanuman stops the weapon from hitting earth.

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How did Hanuman get his tail back?

Lord Rama tells Hanuman to ask forgiveness from Shiva, and told to visit Tirukurungaval, and worship God Shiva and request the Mahadev to grant his tail back to him. Tirukurungaval ( place where Shiva was worshiped by a monkey faced God) , thus Hanuman got his tail back.

What was Hanuman Ji’s relationship with Lord Ram like?

Whole life of Hanuman Ji was for Lord Sri Ram and for none else. Even, once, he had fought a fierce battle with Lord Shiva on behalf of Lord Sri Ram in Aswasmegh Yagna. Even Lord Shiv was astonished to see the serious battle of Sri Ram army.

What are the famous shrines of Lord Shiva in India?

Kundala Karuneeshwar Temple: This is famous shrine dedicated to lord Shiva where there is a small shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman ji. It is believed that Lord Hanuman ji worshiped Lord Shiva . [ 1] It is believed that Lord Hanuman ji tried to carry Shiva lingam with the help of his tail ;but it got detached from his body.