Who is more famous Mamamoo vs Blackpink?

Who is more famous Mamamoo vs Blackpink?

Blackpink is more famous internationally because its songs appeal to the western audience. they don’t have a strong domestic market value like mamamoo, that’s why they struggle with k-charts. Both have established their own markets no need to compare.

Are Mr removed real?

Basically the title. I will admit that there are a select few MR Removed video that are clear and really great. The only MR Removed vids that I trust are those from Minayo – MR Removed Channel 2 on Youtube.

Who can hit high notes in Blackpink?

After training for 4 years and two months, Rose Park Chae-young joined BLACKPINK. Being the group’s lead dancer with a sweet, dreamy voice, her dancing skills and ability to hit high notes are considered impressive even for trained artists in South Korea.

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Who is the main singer in BLACKPINK?

JisooSince 2016
JennieSince 2016
BLACKPINK/Lead singers

Did Blackpink’s MV for ‘how you like that’ disrespect their culture and religion?

BLACKPINK ‘s comeback MV for “How You Like That” and YG Entertainment are under fire from Indian Blinks for allegedly disrespecting their culture and religion. On June 26, BLACKPINK made their long-awaited comeback with a pre-release single titled “How You Like That”. When the MV was released, Indian fans soon noticed that during Lisa’s solo

Do you think Mamamoo is harder to sing than Blackpink?

Mamamoo for writing so many of their songs, changing up the styles, interesting and various meanings and hard to sing parts. ACTUALLY, NO. Yall are saying how blackpink has harder choreos and are a dance focuse group n stuff, but their choreos are way too easy for their skill level and the amount of hard to sing parts they have.

Are Blackpink’s vocals as good as twice’s?

Its sad that people discredit twice as good vocalists when 3mix exists. Blackpink’s vocals are very distinctive and stand out from each other and as a whole are pretty unique in the kpop industry. While their techniques are not as strong Twice’s vocal line, they are still pretty pretty good.

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Do you still respect Blackpink?

I still respect you, Blackpink, because it’s a step more difficult to get to where you are than male idols. You are still great. So far, YG Entertainment has not responded to the concerns, and Indian fans continue to ask for answers.