Who is main villain in Lost?

Who is main villain in Lost?

Benjamin Linus is a fictional character portrayed by Michael Emerson on the ABC television series Lost….Ben Linus.

Benjamin Linus
Last appearance “The New Man in Charge” (2010)
Created by J. J. Abrams Damon Lindelof
Portrayed by Michael Emerson Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben)

Who is the most popular Lost character?

Lost: The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best Character…

  1. 1 Sawyer. While Jack is the “hero” of the story, many fans consider Sawyer to be the greatest character on the show.
  2. 2 Jack.
  3. 3 Kate.
  4. 4 Ben.
  5. 5 Desmond.
  6. 6 Locke.
  7. 7 Claire.
  8. 8 Hurley.

Is Sawyer a bad guy in Lost?

Staying power: Sawyer was the first villain of the show, in the days before The Others and even Ethan, and his selfish ways made his motivations questionable even up until The Island’s time-jumping began.

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Is Ben a good man in Lost?

He is good because he doesn’t do anything out of cold blood he does it to better the Island or to protect it in the flash sideways, he decides not to move on meaning he feels bad for what he has done.

Did Jack become the smoke monster?

Jack did not become a monster Jacob killed his brother and “fed” the smoke monster the body by accident. This gave the smoke a form to use so he could escape. Jacob’s brother died, but the monster merely used his body. So, Jack was teleported before the energy of the Heart increased sufficiently to kill him.

Which is the best Lost season?

Hot take: season four is the best season. I explained the deal with season one— it’s great, but it’s monumental in comparison to all other television. Season four finds our favorite sweaty, sexy castaways at a crossroads, both thematically and structurally, with the introduction of the flash-forwards.

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Who knocked Sayid?

Locke admits that during the mission to triangulate Danielle’s signal, it was Locke who knocked him out. Sayid grabs the gun in one hand, and Locke’s throat in the other. Locke says he did it to protect the group, because the message said “it killed them, it killed them all,” and it didn’t seem like a good place to go.