Which sheet is used for Ignou assignment?

Which sheet is used for Ignou assignment?

NEW DELHI: The students of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) can write their assignments in any plain paper. However, the university has instructed students to follow other instructions while doing assignments. “Any plain paper will do.

Can we write Ignou assignment in plain paper?

New Delhi: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has said that students can write their assignment in a notebook having plain paper and scan it and email it to their respective Regional Centres.

Which paper is used for assignment?

Paper White A4 Size Designer Sheets, For School Assignment, GSM: 80.0 g/m2

GSM 80.0 g/m2
Number Of Sheets 20 sheet packets
Material Paper
Usage/Application School Assignment
Color White
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Can I use A4 sheet for IGNOU assignment?

Point-1: Use only foolscap size paper or A4 size paper to write your assignments. Do not use thin papers. Point-7: Candidates have to write their assignments with their hand which means only handwritten assignments are accepted by IGNOU.

Can we write on both sides of a4 paper?

Yes you can write on both sides of the sheet.

What is assignment sheet size?

WAYTOBUY 30 Assignment Or Project One Side Ruled 210 x 297 mm 70 gsm A4 paper (Set of 1, White)

Model Name A4 Size Assignment, Project Paper
Type A4 paper
Number of Sheets 30 Sheets
Paper Size 210 x 297 mm Size

Where should we submit Ignou assignments?

You can follow the below steps for succesfully submission of assignments through Google Form. Step – 1 – First of all, have a look on the list of IGNOU Regional Centres at the Official Website of IGNOU and go to your RC website. Step – 2 – On the homepage of RC’s official page, go to the section of News and Events.

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What is full scape sheet?

Ecogifts Full scape paper is pack of 240 sheets. Full scape paper is used to solve practice papers, taking out notes in classes, workshops, school college stationary.

How do you layout an assignment?


  1. Use 1.5 spacing and 2.53 cm (1”) wide margins.
  2. Leave a blank line between paragraphs.
  3. If the questions are short, leave a blank line between each question. If they are long, start each question on a new page.
  4. Left-justify your work (also known as left-aligned).

How to write an IGNOU assignment?

You can use “A4 sheets” or “Foolscap papers” to write IGNOU assignments. Take a look at the following steps to get an idea on assignments submission. You should attach question paper to assignment. Write your details and the assignment details.

Can I use ruled paper instead of blank paper in IGNOU?

Do not use thin papers. Point-2: Leave at least one or a few lines after completing your one answer so that the evaluator writes a useful comment on blank areas. Point-3: We recommend using ruled paper instead of blank paper to write your assignment because it is also advised by the IGNOU Officials.

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Why is it necessary to follow every point in IGNOU?

It is necessary for candidates to follow every point so that their assignments will be approved without any issue and you will get a reward for your hard work on the IGNOU Grade Card. Every student has a query that what to write on the IGNOU Assignment Front Page or Cover Page which they have to submit to the concerned study centre of IGNOU.

What happens if IGNOU exam form is not submitted?

Without writing assignments and submission, no candidates will be permitted to attend any of the examination conducted by IGNOU. Even students are not eligible to fill their IGNOU Exam Form of any session if they failed to submit their required assignments to the university before the last date of the submission deadline.