Which post is given after NDA in army?

Which post is given after NDA in army?

Q. Which rank is given after NDA? A. After the training period, candidates will be given the rank of Lieutenant in Army, Sub Lieutenant in Navy and Flying Officer in Air Force.

Which rank is given after passing out from NDA?

Sub Lieutenants
The Naval cadets are selected for the Executive Branch of the Navy, on passing out from the National Defence Academy and are given further training at Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala for a period of one year on successful completion of which they are promoted to the rank of Sub Lieutenants.

Can I join NDA after BSc?

NDA exam stands for National Defense Academy which is conducted by UPSC twice in a year to join Defense service. Age limit for NDA exam is 16.5 to 19 years. Now your age 23 years, therefore you are not eligible for NDA exam. You can apply CDS exam after B.Sc to join defense service.

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Can I join Indian Army after BSc?

How B Sc and B Com students may join Indian Army as Commissioned Officers- The candidate must be between 19 and 24 years of age, with reference to the first day of the month, in which the training will begin. Graduation Degree from a recognized University is required. The candidate has to be unmarried.

Which is tough NDA or CDS?

NDA exam is quite tough as compared to CDS because it has high level mathematics whereas in CDS you only have elementary mathematics. GS part is tough is CDS as compared to NDA. SSB is easier for NDA entry as compared to CDSE entry.

How can I get Defence after BSc?

You don’t have to sit for any written entrance exam for the same; if you’re a law graduate with a minimum of 50\% marks and/or are backed by a 2 years’ service in the NCC Senior Division Army with a minimum of B or C grade in the qualifying examination, you’re entitled to be called in for the SSB interviews directly …

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Can I join Indian Navy after BSc?

Yes – provided you have taken PCM at 10+2 level – and Maths/Physics at B. Sc. level. You will have to appear for graduate entry CDSE exam conducted by UPSC.

What happens after completing NDA training?

After the completion of the NDA Training, the candidates will undergo 1 year of training period in different academies such as the Air Force Academy (AFA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), and Indian Naval Academy (INA). Here they are provided with a stipend of Rs. 21,000 p.m. for one year and then they will be conferred the post of lieutenant.

What is the next rank after clearing NDA?

You do not get any rank or post immediately after clearing NDA..after NDA you will be sent to IMA,INA,IAF depending on your side …then after completing your training there, you get commissioned… What happens after getting selected in NDA? You cleared NDA!!!!

Do NDA officers go on field duty?

If a NDA officer goes on field duty or not depends on the rank of the officer. In the initial ranks one has to go to war, in fact, the officer is responsible for lives of the soldiers under him. But, even in war the main task of officers is to formulate strategies and try to win the situation using the resources and men they have.

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How can I join the NDA as a cadet?

First of all to join NDA as a cadet you have to clear the written exam conducted by upsc. After clearing that the real challenge comes to clear ssb. If you are successful than you will undergo a medical test followed by a merit list. After all this if you are finally selected than you will be eligible to join NDA.