Which places are open in Thane?

Which places are open in Thane?

Elvis Butterfly Garden. 2 km. from city center 1 out of 30.

  • Sargam Water Park. 4 km. from city center 2 out of 30.
  • Upvan Lake. 2 km. from city center 3 out of 30.
  • Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park. 14 km.
  • Tansa Dam. 49 km.
  • Talao Pali. 2 km.
  • Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden. 7 out of 30.
  • Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary. 18 km.
  • Is Thane better than Navi Mumbai?

    NAVI MUMBAI OR THANE Navi Mumbai may hold up better than Thane due to its controlled supply and superior infrastructure.

    Where is Thane located?

    Thane is situated in the state of Maharashtra towards the north-east. It is a close neighbour of Mumbai and is actually regarded as being part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. During 2020, because of the COVID 19 situation, many cities went into lockdown which prevented people from moving from one place to another, unless absolutely necessary.

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    Is Kendriya Vidyalaya Kolshet Road Thane Thane Maharashtra a good school?

    Kendriya Vidyalaya School (KVS) located at A.F. Station Kolshet Road Sandoz Baug Post Thane Maharashtra Thane Maharashtra is one of the popular schools in India. The School has been rated by 25 people on iCBSE. The School has been recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education since a long time.

    What is the US AQI reading for Thane?

    Towards the end of 2020 Thane recorded a US AQI reading of 155 which categorises it as “Unhealthy”. This follows the classification as laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The main pollutant is the Particulate Matter PM2.5 with a concentration of 63 µg/m³.

    How bad is Thane’s air pollution?

    Out of all the pollutants found in Thane’s air, the PM2.5 particulates are undoubtedly the most detrimental to health. Because of their microscopic size, they can easily bypass the body’s natural defence system and make their way deep inside the lungs.