Which optional subject is best for UPSC geography or history?

Which optional subject is best for UPSC geography or history?

Number of Candidates who Appeared For Each Optional Subject in UPSC CSE Mains (Data: 2016-17)

Sl. Number Optional Subject in UPSC CSE Mains Number of Candidates
1 Geography 3427
2 Sociology 1635
3 Public Administration 1506
4 History 1427

Is history and political science good combination?

Regarding the courses both courses are good. You can take either of them. Both courses on Political science and History are interesting and many career opportunities. So do whatever suits you.

Which subject is best geography or political science?

They both are scoring and extensively helpful for future. If you are good with maps and mapping and locations, then you should go for geography. If laerning about new horizons excite you then ofcourse geography is for you. If Indian Polity and governance is your strong point.

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Is BA political science a good course?

Summing Up. BA (H) Political Science is an ideal course for you if you are interested in how political systems function. Apart from knowledge, the course will enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills.

What are the subjects in BA history?

B.A. History Syllabus

  • Religious Development.
  • Aspects of Society.
  • Age of the Guptas.
  • Mauryan and Post-Mauryan Era.
  • Vedic Corpus and Transition to Janapadas & Mahajanapadas.
  • Harappan Civilization.
  • Pre-Historic Hunter-Gatherers.
  • Reconstructing Ancient Indian History.

Is there only one subject in BA Hons?

The difference between BA and BA(Hons) is this that a B.A student doesn’t specialize in any one particular subject of his/her choice.

Is history good optional for UPSC?

History is a popular optional subject chosen by candidates in the IAS mains exam. It is a very important subject in the UPSC scheme of things because history is included in the IAS prelims exam and in the IAS mains general studies papers as well. If you are an IAS aspirant you cannot get by without studying history.

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What are the top 10 optional subjects for UPSC?

Considering various data given above, latest UPSC syllabus and recent IAS results, the top 10 optional subjects for UPSC can be listed as follows: 1 Sociology 2 Agriculture 3 Medical Science 4 Literature Subject (Any) 5 Anthropology 6 Public Administration 7 Psychology 8 Law 9 Geography 10 History

What is the scope of Political Science in UPSC Mains?

Political Science is one of the very commonly opted optional subjects in UPSC Mains. The Political Science Optional syllabus deals with theories and philosophies of different schools like Liberal, Neoliberal, Marxism, Colonial and Post-Colonial, Feminist and so on in the first paper, as well as Indian polity and governance.

What is the importance of Indian polity in UPSC prelims?

They are given in points below: Indian polity is a crucial segment of the UPSC Prelims Syllabus. If the aspirants choose Political Science and International Relations as their UPSC Mains Optional subject, they will have to study this along with the prelims section thus saving time for other topics.

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Is political science and international relations an optional subject for IAS?

Political Science and International Relations is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC in the mains exam. It is a popular optional subject and one that many toppers have chosen in IAS Exam.