Which is better BSC electronics or BSC physics?

Which is better BSC electronics or BSC physics?

Selection of the course actually depends on the career goals and objectives of the candidate. B.Sc in Electronics course offer flexible career opportunities . B.Sc in Computer Science course is much suited for candidates who intend to build a career in software field. B Sc physics also have scope to get jobs .

What is the scope of BSC Electronics?

BSc Electronics

Course Name Bachelor of Science in Electronics
Average Salary INR 2- 6 Lakhs
Job Positions Service Engineer, Electronic Sales Manager, Electronics and Communication Consultant, Broadcast and Sound Technician, Electronics Technician, Technical Leader, etc.
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What can we do after BSC Hons Electronics?

Service engineer, Broadcast and Sound Technician, Electronic Sales Manager, Electronics and Communication Consultant, Electronics Technician, Technical Leader, Project Manager, Manufacturing Head, Site Maintenance Technician, Marketing Manager etc.

Is BSC Electronics is a professional course?

B.Sc Electronics or Bachelor of Science in Electronics is an undergraduate Electronics course. Electronics is the branch of science, engineering, and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as: Vacuum tubes. Transistors.

Can I get job after BSc electronics?

After B.Sc. in Electronics, most career options are in the field of civil aviation, entertainment, broadcasting, defense, power sector, research and development, etc. Increasing demand in consumer electronics good market, made India one of the preferred investment destinations for global players.

Which course is best after BSc electronics?

Higher study options after B.Sc in Electronics

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Media.
  • Ph.D. ( Quantum Electronics)
  • Ph.D. ( Electronic Science)
  • Ph.D. ( Digital Electronics)
  • M.Tech. ( RF and Microwave Communications)
  • M.Tech. ( Remote Sensing)
  • M.Tech. ( Micro Electronics)
  • M.Tech. ( Electronics and Instrumentation)
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Can I get job after Bsc electronics?

What are the jobs for Bsc physics?

Jobs after B.Sc. Physics

  • Physicist.
  • Physics Lecturer.
  • Lab Assistant.
  • Research Associate.
  • Subject Matter Expert.
  • Technician.
  • Radiologist Assistant.
  • Academic Counselor.

Which has more scope Cs or electronics?

Bsc computer science is much much much better than electronics in terms of job salary . at last both fields are different so we do not compare them .

How many seats are there in Hansraj College?

Students, whose marks fall under the cut-off marks issued by Hansraj College, are only eligible for admission. Hansraj College offers full-time BSc (Hons) and BSc (Prog) with the duration of three years. A total of 602 seats are offered under BA (Hons) in including all the specialisations.

Which College is better Hansraj or Hindu College or Miranda College?

Miranda College is only for girls and ECA in Miranda are quite less as compared to the other two colleges. Hansraj and Hindu are quite similar but in infrastructure and faculty Hindu is better. So among these four colleges Hindu college is the best one. All these are top colleges of Delhi University.

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What are the top recruiting companies at Hansraj College?

Some of the top recruiting companies at Hansraj college are Axis Bank, DishTv, Airtel, EY, PhonePe, OYO and many others. Students can apply for placements from the 5th semester.

What is the CTC of Hansraj College in 2020?

In the placement drive of 2020, the highest CTC stood at INR 20.5 LPA whereas the average CTC stood at INR 5.7 LPA and the gross package crossed INR 9.7 Crores. The following table represents the tier wise placements of hansraj college: