Which character is the most misunderstood in the Harry Potter series and why?

Which character is the most misunderstood in the Harry Potter series and why?

Although Considered A Villain, Draco Malfoy Was The Most Misunderstood Character In ‘Harry Potter’ Harry Potter was unarguably the most fantastical and gripping series of the past two decades.

Why is Draco so misunderstood?

2 Misunderstood: He’s Ignorant Probably the biggest reason why Draco is a misunderstood character is because he lives in an extremely privileged and isolated bubble, so frankly he’s just ignorant about a lot of real world issues.

Is Draco spoiled?

Draco came to Hogwarts a spoiled boy. All his life he’d been told he was special, as a pure-blood wizard and a Malfoy. At Hogwarts, students are encouraged to be treated equally. In part, this is because Harry makes Draco feel inferior, something he is not used to.

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Why Draco is a good person?

Draco became a good father. In the play, Draco accepts his son, Scorpius, just the way he is and takes care of his happiness. He tries not to repeat his father’s mistakes and behaves in a different way, compared to Lucius. Draco shared that he just wanted to be happy.

Why is Draco Malfoy a bad person?

Draco is racist, arrogant, and conceited; he’s full of himself and thinks he’s better than anyone because of his blood status and his family’s wealth. He bullies the Golden Trio to no end and succeeds in putting Slytherin House against them.

Who did Draco bully?

Malfoy and his cronies were particularly cruel to Neville Longbottom, who was too terrified to do anything about it. Though Neville’s mishaps were often comical, there’s nothing funny about the pain he suffered. In one particularly bad incident, Draco trapped Neville in a Leg-Locker Curse.

Is Draco Malfoy insecure?

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He has certain insecurities With his ego further dented by being schooled alongside Harry Potter – the reason for his family’s downfall – Draco’s dislike for Harry and those associated with him only increases.