Which business is more profitable in rural area?

Which business is more profitable in rural area?

Ans- Organic Vegetable Farming or Production is the most profitable business in the village or rural area. Organic farming’s demand has drastically increased over the years especially in the urban sector, hence, with a good supply and a proper vendor you can incur handsome profits.

What business can I start with 10lakh?

The small-scale business ideas are as follows:

  1. IT or gadget store. The IT or gadget store is the best business under 10 lakh.
  2. Cleaning business. The next new business idea is to start a cleaning business.
  3. Catering business.
  4. Travel business.
  5. Online stores.
  6. Fitness centre.
  7. Spa service business.

What kind of business can I start in rural area in India?

Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas, Villages, Small Towns…

  • Retail store.
  • Flour mill.
  • Small-scale manufacturing units.
  • Poultry/live-stock farming.
  • Fertilizer/pesticide store.
  • Tutor services.
  • MIlk/dairy centre.
  • Organic vegetables/fruits.

What kind of Business can I start with 5 lakhs?

10 Best Business Ideas That You Can Start Under 5 Lakhs Investment. 1 1. Sell online. Select a niche in which you will be selling products, say mobile phone accessories. Find products like phone case, charger, cover, 2 2. Pest Control Business. 3 3. Printing Business. 4 4. Clothing Store. 5 5. Wedding Equipment Rental.

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Is it better to start a business in a rural area?

There are some businesses which are suitable only in rural areas like agriculture-related business. It would be beneficial for a person settled in the village to start a business there itself. It would require less capital and less investment to set up a small business in the area you live in.

Is it profitable to start an import export business with 5 lakhs?

It depends on the customer availability and the quality of the products. These days both paper and plastic cups and plates are in high demand. In 5 lakhs investment, you can start with one machine. 7. Import Export Import Export is definitely a profitable and lucrative business.

What is the best business to start in a small town?

15 Small Business Ideas that Work in Small Towns/Villages. 1 Production of organic produce. 2 Poultry farm. 3 Fishery. 4 Milk centre. 5 Wholesale of Fertilisers. 6 Drinking water supply. 7 Retail shops. 8 Flour mill. 9 Threshing machine. 10 Oil mill.