Which Beatle had the most successful solo career?

Which Beatle had the most successful solo career?

Paul McCartney
There’s no telling what he (or George) would have done in the coming decades had they survived. But, as things stand, Paul McCartney has been the most successful recording artist of any ex-Beatle since the group split up nearly 50 years ago.

Is Paul McCartney friends with Elton John?

Rod Stewart says Elton John ‘keeps changing his phone number’ John Lennon’s three most important relationships were with his Beatles pals – Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Ringo Starr and George Harrison. However, he also made some important friendships with other singers, such as the Rolling Stones and Sir Elton John.

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Who is more popular Elton John or The Beatles?

Elton has 9 #1, 27 Top 10 and 87 longs on the billboard charts. Remember the Beatles are not included in Paul’s totals. So, this is a remarkably hard question to answer.

Was John Lennon friends with Elton John?

The height of their friendship occurred in 1974, a time when Lennon lost a bet with Elton and had to put his phobia of stepping back on stage to the back of his mind to join his friend at Madison Square Garden. …

Who was the better singer John Lennon or Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney is the most technically accomplished singer in the band, his voice has wide range and sounds more refined. John Lennon was not really technically accomplished but he was a good singer, although his voice sounds rather too nasal and a bit rough.

Was Paul McCartney a better Beatle than John Lennon?

IT’S A FACT: PAUL MCCARTNEY WAS A BETTER BEATLE THAN JOHN LENNON. And no, we’re not talking about the offstage words and deeds that reveal Lennon’s ugly side. We’re not talking about what either Lennon or McCartney did with their lives and careers after The Beatles.

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What was Paul McCartney like as a person?

And McCartney wrote “When I’m Sixty-Four.” He trafficked in music hall confections, pop standards, and safe balladry. He stayed out of politics and virtually never got in trouble with the press. He had pinchable cheeks. He looked and sounded like the Beatle that your mother, and your grandmother, would like.

Did Paul McCartney make ‘granny music’?

Lennon’s famous declaration that McCartney made “granny music” is, in fact, the essential argument for his greatness – music that is timeless, sentimental and nostalgic, melodies that span generations. Who’s the greatest Beatle: John Lennon or Paul McCartney?

What instruments did John Lennon and Paul McCartney play?

And when not playing virtually any instrument with a keyboard, McCartney was turning in acclaimed performances on the guitar, Lennon’s own instrument. For example, the celebrated guitar solos on hits like “Drive My Car,” “Taxman,” and “Helter Skelter,” to name but a few, were all performed by McCartney.