Where can I share my blog to get more views?

Where can I share my blog to get more views?

Share each new blog post across your social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. If you spend time cultivating your networks and share great content, social media sites can become some of your top traffic sources.

How do you get a wider audience?

4 Ways to Reach a Wider Audience in Your Niche

  1. Write a Column. Many popular websites and online magazines are on the lookout for experts and commentators on interesting topics.
  2. Submit Guest Posts.
  3. Start a Special Interest Group.
  4. Offer Something of Value.

How do I share my blog with others?

To let others share your blog through email and social media sites, you can turn on Share buttons:

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, select a blog.
  3. From the menu on the left, click Layout.
  4. In the “Page Body” section, next to “Blog Posts,” click Edit .
  5. Check the box next to “Show Share Buttons.”
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How do you target a blog audience?

How to Find Your Target Audience (for Your Blog) in 202111 Smart Ways to Find Your Target Readers and Build a Connection With Them

  1. Use Social Media.
  2. Browse Discussion Forums.
  3. Targeted Google Searches.
  4. Look at the Competition.
  5. Read Blog Comments.
  6. Engage with Commenters.
  7. Use Known Statistics.
  8. Read and Answer on Quora.

How can I improve my blog?

7 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Blog Better

  1. Write about proven topics. Your blog should contain topics that you’re passionate about.
  2. Write catchier headlines.
  3. Use scannable formatting.
  4. Ask experts to guest post.
  5. Create “pin-worthy” featured images.
  6. Post an infographic instead of a blog.
  7. Increase your number of monthly posts.

How can you effectively incorporate electronic and social media to reach a wider audience?

Monitor social media performance in terms of participation….Participate in forums relevant to your target audience, such as social media sites, community forums, and blogs.

  1. Answer customer questions.
  2. Provide another conduit for customer service.
  3. Add to the community’s knowledge base.
  4. Respond to relevant issues.

How would you effectively include electronic and social media to reach a wider audience?

Take advantage – Hashtags, keywords, Twitter lists, LinkedIn Groups – all of these are great ways to help attract your audience’s attention. Spend some time researching and see how you can take advantage of each option. I would highly recommend conducting social listening to see how others are using these effectively.

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What is RSS feed in blogger?

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a XML-based format for your content. Most blogging platforms, for example, will have an RSS feed built in. Whenever you start publishing posts, your latest posts will be updated in the RSS feed.

How do you write a high quality blog post?

The Essential Ingredients for Writing a High-Quality Blog Post

  1. Know Your Target Audience. Before writing a blog post, you need to know your target market.
  2. Valuable Information.
  3. Comprehensive.
  4. Readable & Succinct.
  5. Authoritative Sources.
  6. Easily Scannable.
  7. Proper Formatting.
  8. Call-to-Action.

Where should you share your blog content?

Here are 20 places you should be sharing your content, from the mainstream to the niche. 1. Medium. Medium allows you to republish your existing blog posts (if you use their import feature, they even add a rel=canonical link), but you can also use this platform as a way to increase traffic to the full blog posts on your site. Advertisement.

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Should you use Reddit to share your company content?

Reddit can be a worthwhile platform to consider for sharing content, but it needs to be done the right way. Redditors are very conscious of brands attempting to “spam” subreddits with their own content, so this is usually best left to a few employees with active Reddit accounts who may occasionally share company blog posts once or twice a month.

How can I Share my Best Content on LinkedIn?

Join a few industry-related groups and share your best content once a month, while also contributing to the group when possible. Be sure to stay active as a member of the chat or group by answering questions, reading others’ content, and contributing genuinely to the group. 14. SlideShare Creating really good content takes time.

How can I Make my content more accessible?

Creating really good content takes time. One way to get the most mileage out of your content is by taking highlights and turning it into a presentation for SlideShare. Just changing the format you present your content in can help reach a wider audience. 15. Quora