When can I apply for Ausbildung?

When can I apply for Ausbildung?

Ausbildung for foreigners in Germany The training starts in August/September 2020. Your application must reach us however as soon as possible! This time is required to find a suitable employer and to give you time for visa application (visa application might take up to 4 months!)

Can I get visa for Ausbildung?

The answer is yes, all nationalities are allowed to apply for an Ausbildung in Germany. Although some occupations will require you to undergo an approval process from the Federal Employment Agency (Vorranprüfung), their decision will determine if a foreign candidate receives a visa or not.

How do I get to Ausbildung?

How to apply for a visa application for Ausbildung in Germany?

  1. Get school-leaving and other certificates recognized and translated.
  2. Apply for the desired and relevant vocational training.
  3. Apply for a visa.
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Where can I find Ausbildung?

Ausbildung is a vocational training program in Germany.

How do you become an air traffic controller in Germany?

Air Traffic Controller

  1. General university entrance exam or similar.
  2. At least 18 years of age.
  3. Proof of medical, mental and psychological suitability.
  4. Fluent and faultless conversation in English and, when working in Germany, in German too.
  5. Background check by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Who can apply for Ausbildung in Germany?

Those who have higher level qualifications achieved after the 12th grade school education e.g; diploma or degree, also can apply. Some companies and training institutions maintain an eligibility criteria of anybody who is below 30, apart from the 12th grade minimum qualification. How can a Non-EU citizen apply for Ausbildung in Germany?

How do I become an apprentice in Germany?

In the first place, you will be affiliated with a German company where you’ll be on a work placement as an apprentice. Secondly, you’ll be affiliated with a vocational training school, also known as Berufsschule in the German language, where you will be attending training classes.

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What do I need to apply for the Ausbildung visa?

If you apply for the Ausbildung visa, you need to have: Sufficient amount of money (863) Euros per month) to maintain the cost of living in Germany for the duration of your stay prior to the start of your Ausbildung A valid health insurance for at least for the first year or prior to the start of your vocational training

How to find work in Germany for Africans in 2021?

Ausbildung in Germany 2021: For Africans in Germany, it can be beneficial to take up vocational training to be able to find work in Germany. Ausbildung is a formal educational qualification in the area of blue collar professions like sales person, painter, carpenter, nurse, butcher, or car mechanic.