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What would happen to Earth absolute zero?

What would happen to Earth absolute zero?

At absolute zero, atoms would occupy the lowest energy state. At an infinite temperature, atoms would occupy all energy states. Negative temperatures then are the opposite of positive temperatures — atoms more likely occupy high-energy states than low-energy states.

Can you cool down an object to absolute zero?

Nothing can be cooled to a temperature of exactly absolute zero. The temperature of an object is a measure of the average random motion energy (kinetic energy) of its atoms. Absolute zero is the temperature at which all of an object’s atoms have been brought to a dead stop relative to each other.

What would happen to the Earth if it reached absolute zero?

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At absolute zero, all chemical activity stops. Not only would all live be frozen solid LONG before you reach absolute zero, but even the atmosphere would freeze, forming a hard crust of solid nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen on the surface of the planet.

Is it possible to get to absolute zero temperature?

So far, scientists have been able to reach temperatures close to absolute zero, but it isn’t possible to achieve, due to the fact the matter always has to transfer energy out of itself. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that it isn’t possible to achieve absolute zero.

Why is absolute zero an impossible goal?

Why is absolute zero (0 kelvin or −273.15°C) an impossible goal? Practically, the work needed to remove heat from a gas increases the colder you get, and an infinite amount of work would be needed to cool something to absolute zero.

What would happen to a human body if kept at absolute zero?

Stepped on (wearing shoes, of course) it turned into fine powder. Therefore, a human body if kept for sometime at anywhere near absolute zero will turn brittle and petrify. Absolutely nothing.