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What type of motor is used in metro rail?

What type of motor is used in metro rail?

THREE PHASE SLIP RING INDUCTION MOTOR has been used in DELHI METRO. Dc series motor is ideal for traction but the maintenance cost of which is very high also needs the conversion and smoothening of AC voltages.IM has less maintenance,high starting torque, cheap etc.

How many types of metro are there in India?

There are currently thirteen operational rapid transit (popularly known as ‘metro’) systems in thirteen cities across India.

Which fuel is used in metro in India?

Metro trains run on Electricity. OverHead Equipment (OHE) wire or third rail is used for it. So directly there is no fuel required for metro train but indirectly most commonly we use coal to produce electricity in thermal power plants or nuclear energy in nuclear power plants.

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Which technology is used in Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro develops ‘Make in India’ signalling technology! The DMRC has developed an indigenously built Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) based signalling technology for the metro rail network with the launch of the i-ATS.

Where is DC series motor used?

Series DC motors are generally used where high starting torque is required, and speed variations are possible. These types of direct connection motors are, for instance, used in the traction system, cranes, air compressors, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc.

Which is the latest Metro Rail in India?

Nagpur Metro Rail Nagpur Metro Rail is in Maharashtra. It was inaugurated on 08.03. 2019.

Which type of trains use diesel fuel?

Diesel–electric locomotives (two examples are shown in Fig. 9.36) are in widespread use around the world. They have also been impacted by the availability of IGBTs with high power ratings. In these trains, diesel fuel is used to generate electricity.

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Which fuel is used in bullet train?

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train: The high-speed rail will be powered by indigenous electric power, unlike diesel, petrol, or aviation fuel, and is a proven environment-friendly transport option.

Who makes Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), a company with equal equity participation from the Government of India and the Government of Delhi, built and operates the Delhi Metro.

Is Delhi Metro government or private?

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) is a centre-state public sector company that operates the Delhi Metro.

What is the engine of a metro train in India?

Metro rails in India don’t use an ‘engine’ in the traditional sense of the understanding. Metro rails sets are actually train-sets, like electric multiple units (EMUs). The power is produced in several/all of the compartments, there is no designated engine.

What type of motors are used in new metro systems?

Newer metro systems are now using 3 phase asynchronous motors which have lesser maintaining cost. Some new metro systems are Kochi metro, Bangalore metro, Chennai metro, Mumbai metro etc. How can modern technology help evolve mail center operations while keeping employees safe?

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Which is the largest metro system in India?

1 Oldest (First) Metro Rail System: Kolkata Metro 2 Newest Metro Rail System: Nagpur Metro 3 Largest Metro System: Delhi Metro (347 km) 4 Smallest Metro System: Ahmedabad Metro (6 km) 5 Busiest (Highest Ridership) Metro System: Delhi Metro

Which is the largest rapid transit system in India?

Delhi Metro is the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India connecting the country’s capital region with satellite cities. Delhi Metro is the first driverless metro in India. Credit: Bombardier Transportation.