What to do if I cant meditate?

What to do if I cant meditate?

You can try to sit, stand, or lay down. But for these moments, focus on being stationary to reduce your desire to “do” anything. As you begin to develop your practice, you might find that you benefit from walking meditation, yoga, or another form of movement.

Is it normal to not be able to meditate?

It’s about understanding that you don’t have control over your mind, as Osho said above. Instead of getting frustrated, take a few breaths right now and then pick up when you started and start again. You’re going to experience discomforts before meditation feels natural to you. This is completely normal.

Why do I struggle with meditation?

The reason most meditators and practitioners of mindfulness struggle is because they have a faulty assumption about the central objective of the entire endeavor. Specifically, they believe that it’s all about slowing down or even stopping their thoughts, which, if done successfully will produce sublime inner calm.

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How can I concentrate while meditating?

10 Ways to Focus Better During Meditation

  1. Start small. (Really small.)
  2. Master the Hong-Sau Technique of Concentration.
  3. Stop worrying about your posture.
  4. Eat a bunch of raisins.
  5. Give guided meditation a try.
  6. Do it in the morning.
  7. Get a timer.
  8. Feel free to keep your eyes open.

Can you force someone to meditate?

Thou shall meditate! You cannot convince someone to meditate any more than you can will yourself to meditate, force yourself to love someone, convince yourself to feel better, or dance like you really mean it.

Are You struggling with meditation?

Now is the time to remove the phrase “I can’t meditate” from your vocabulary. You can meditate, you might just have been holding on to a false idea of what meditation is supposed to feel like. If you are really struggling with meditation, then my best advice is that you take a step back and don’t try too hard.

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Can you meditate without thinking about yourself?

Yes You Can! “I can’t meditate. I can’t stop my mind from thinking. It’s way too hard!” I hear this fairly often from people who are new to meditation, and sometimes even from people who have been practicing meditation for quite a while.

How to meditate if you are physically uncomfortable?

If you are physically uncomfortable this will dominate your awareness and it will be impossible to relax. Solution: For sitting meditations, it is best to sit with the spine erect, but not to strain in any way. Sit in a way which is natural and puts you at ease.

Why is it so hard to meditate in silence?

Newcomers to meditation often become trapped by the belief that they must achieve complete and utter mental silence through meditation. This can really lead to frustration and disappointment. Some people, after practicing meditation for a few weeks, or even for some months, still find it extremely difficult to stop their mind from wandering off.