What subject should I choose to be a hacker?

What subject should I choose to be a hacker?

Which stream should I opt in class 11th to become an ethical hacker? You are advised to chose Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science as subjects. This will give you option to do B. Tech CS/IT or BCA or B.Sc CS/IT to become an ethical hacker.

Is becoming a hacker illegal?

Being a hacker is not illegal; however, hacking into a computer or computer network without permission from its owners is illegal. Some individuals use hacking as a form of political activism, which is still illegal. Even hacking for fun is considered a crime in most countries.

What subjects do you need to study to become an ethical hacker?

Whichever degree you choose, make sure you study programming. The subject is essential for hacking because a hacker breaks a protocol or an application security using a programming language. The ethical hacker must know several programming languages. Most computer science programs include several courses in computer programming.

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How do you become a hacker?

How to Become a Hacker Acquire essential hacking skills and learn about the best programming language for hacking by completing a four-year degree program in a relevant tech field. While there aren’t really “hacking degrees,” many who want to become hackers go the route of information security analysts or computer programmers.

What degree do you need to become a white hat hacker?

If you want to become a white hat hacker you will need to earn a degree in the field, such as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a Major in Cyber and Network Security – Cybersecurity Track.

Is being an ethical hacker a good job?

No matter which route you take, ethical hackers serve a vital role to the computer and business world, along with many other industries such as healthcare. It can be a great job to pursue if you’re interested in both computers and public service. For more information, explore the visual guide to becoming a hacker below.