What should you wear to propose?

What should you wear to propose?

So when deciding what to wear when you propose, be sure that whatever you choose will photograph well. This means sporting solid colors rather than bold patterns and clothes that are well-fitting, not loose and baggy.

Do you need to be dressed up to propose?

As with the wardrobe planning for most social events, you must consider the venue and the style or theme of the affair. If you will be planning an intimate sunset beach proposal then something casual, but light and airy, like linen shorts and a short-sleeved dress shirt would be appropriate.

Is it okay to ask my girlfriend not to wear revealing clothes?

Absolutely NO! You have every right to ask her not to wear revealing clothes and she has every right to ask you too (Oh!!!, men don’t wear revealing clothes.) There is something wrong with the evolution/change in the dressing sense of women. Let’s see what has gone wrong… There is a saying called “Love like you are 80!”. At 80

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Do girls feel better with lesser clothes in summer?

Some girls say they feel better with wearing lesser clothes in summer, then it’s the same heat that guys face too. Do they go wear revealing clothes and roam around? I’m not saying just because men don’t wear such clothes, women also shouldn’t.

Should revealing clothes be controversial?

Revealing clothes become provocative because of the people around us who can’t be controlled. “Should” and “are” mean very different things. Going anonymous for personal reasons. My answer is going to go against almost all the answers written so far.

Is it bad to lie to your girlfriend about your hobby?

Lying can hurt much more than it helps for a couple of reasons. One, she probably won’t believe you, and your lies will only convince her that you are untrustworthy. Two, it destroys your chance of actually being able to include your hobby, or at least the awareness of it, in your relationship.