What personality type is Gandalf?

What personality type is Gandalf?

INTJ personality type
Gandalf was an INTJ personality type. Uniquely, he was both an idealist and a realist, which is a rare combination. With a driven and focused nature, Gandalf was dedicated to achieving his goals. Deliberate and measured, he carefully thought through plans before taking action.

Is Gandalf a good leader?

Throughout the book, Gandalf proves himself to possess the leadership traits of Impartiality, experience, kindness and affection for all others, he commands respect, he is wise and thoughtful and he understands the need for sacrifice to achieve the ultimate victory for Middle Earth.

What is Gandalf’s job?

“To contest the power of Sauron, and to unite all those who had the will to resist him”. That is Gandalf’s job, and the job of all the Istari.

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How does Gandalf replace his staff?

It seems clear, therefore, that Gandalf never lost his staff in the book. However, Gandalf later destroyed his staff in Moria while facing the Balrog, and after being restored to life he was taken to Lorien where Galadriel and the Elves gave him new clothing and apparently a new staff.

Why is Gandalf wise?

Educating himself, and being taught by the elves, Gandalf became immensely wise and knowledgeable. He was very intelligent, and thus made excellent judgements in acts, words, and timing. Part of his knowledge was learning the needs of others. He ultimately saved MIddle Earth from corruption and destruction.

Why is Gandalf so respected?

A number of reasons – he is a kindly figure who looks after those weaker than himself (especially Hobbits) – he is the epitome of good in the books and film – the wise words he dispenses – as Gandalf The Grey he is impressive as Gandalf The White he is even more impressive – he openly combats the forces of evil (Sauron …

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Why is Gandalf the GREY?

Originally Gandalf served as a divine emissary for the gods of creation, the Valar, and was tasked with defeating Sauron. He returned in The Two Towers as Gandalf the White, a similar but seemingly more powerful being. It was that resurrection that Gandalf transformed from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White.

Why do people like Gandalf so much?

Gandalf clearly fills that role, and does so with superb skill. He takes hints and clues, a suspicion grows and he heads to the library to confirm it. He is able to read signs of things to come, knows the right words to say (not just when it comes to spells but to ease fear and encourage, knows when not to say something.

Who is Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings?

Upon entrance in Middle-earth, Gandalf (Olorin) spent a good thousand or two years walking among the elves as a stranger and learning from them and teaching them. He later revealed himself as Istari, and has come to be known as the wisest of that order.

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Did Gandalf have powers that an ancient shaman would not?

Of course, since it is, in fact, fiction, Gandalf does have a few powers an ancient shaman wouldn’t have had as listed by others here. Norse Paganism (which is most likely, most similar to Saxon beliefs) A few examples that don’t seem to be mentioned in other answers. Gandalf helps Elrond to create the flood that sweeps away the Nazgûl:

What did Gandalf do to the Nazgûl?

It seemed to Pippin that [Gandalf] raised his hand, and from it a shaft of white light stabbed upwards. The Nazgûl gave a long wailing cry and swerved away… (The Siege of Gondor) Istari aren’t really meant to be “wielders of magical power”. They are meant as teachers/leaders/guides to Men and Elves.