What music would Jason Todd listen to?

What music would Jason Todd listen to?

Jason’s favorite songs are I Won’t Back Down by Johnny Cash, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and I Don’t Love You by MCR.

What music would Damian Wayne listen to?

Alfred listens to clasical music, Bruce likes jazz because of his mom , Dick likes pop, Jason is a fan of any type of rock, but is also a fan of Fergie and Beyonce, Tim likes anything with a catchy beat that will keep him awake, Damian likes classical music, jazz, and middle eastern, Lucas like heavy metal, and Duke is …

What’s Batman’s favorite food?

13 His favorite food is Mulligatawny soup In the comic Batman Vol 1 #701 we find out that Bruce’s favourite food is mulligatawny soup, courtesy of his butler Alfred. For those of you that don’t know, mulligatawny soup is a spicy soup usually made with meat, vegetables, rice, and curry spices.

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Does Damian play violin?

Damian plays violin. This bonding time over musical instruments.

Does Jason Todd play an instrument?

Jason: It’s actually canon that Jason plays the guitar, so I think he would play an electric one because he thinks it’s cooler, but really he’s so much better with an acoustic.

What instrument does Damian Wayne?

Bruce can play violin and piano. Tim plays piano. Damian plays violin.

What are the top 10 Alternate versions of Batman?

Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Batman 1 10 Batman: Year 100 2 9 Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) 3 8 Gotham By Gaslight 4 7 Batman Who Laughs 5 6 Dark Claw 6 5 Batman Beyond (Terry Mcginnis) 7 4 Red Rain Batman 8 3 Speeding Bullets Batman 9 2 Red Death Batman 10 1 Gods & Monsters Man-Bat More

What are the best Batman books to read?

1 Batman: Year 100 2 Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) 3 Gotham By Gaslight 4 Batman Who Laughs 5 Dark Claw 6 Batman Beyond (Terry Mcginnis) 7 Red Rain Batman 8 Speeding Bullets Batman 9 Red Death Batman 10 Gods & Monsters Man-Bat

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Why do fans love Batman so much?

Fans of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, are extremely loyal to the actor they believe portrayed him best. Any objection is liable to lead to rowdy debates. But that’s also why we love the character.

Is mulligatawny soup Batman’s favourite food?

For those of you that don’t know, mulligatawny soup is a spicy soup usually made with meat, vegetables, rice, and curry spices. However, there is also some evidence to suggest that his favourite food could also be French onion soup. In the episode “Vendetta” in Batman the Animated Series, his butler Alfred says that it is Bruce’s favourite food.