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What legends say about AB de Villiers?

What legends say about AB de Villiers?

A legend who changed the perception of wicketkeepers reckons the South African is the MVP on this planet. The top fast bowler in the world fears bowling to his fellow countryman. Fastest fifty, fastest hundred and fastest 150. Needs super-human powers to achieve those feats and Aakash Chopra needs proof of that.

When did Abd retire?

AB de Villiers/Career end

What is the age of AB de Villiers?

37 years (February 17, 1984)
AB de Villiers/Age

Is AB de Villiers a legend?

A B de Villiers, a legend of South African cricket, has retired from the game at the age of 37. He averaged 51 across 114 Tests and 54 in ODIs (with a strike-rate of more than 100), while in all T20 cricket he had the remarkable record of averaging 37 while striking at 150.

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Will AB de Villiers leave RCB?

Former South Africa captain and superstar batter AB de Villiers has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket, thus ending his 10-year-long association with the Indian Premier League franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore. It has been a memorable journey with RCB.

Will De Villiers play in IPL?

However, the legendary batter has now decided to part ways from all forms of cricket, effectively ending his stint in the IPL with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). A consistent performer over the years in the IPL, De Villiers signs off from the IPL as one of the greatest of all time.

What is AB de Villiers sons name?

John Richard de Villiers
Abraham de Villiers
AB de Villiers/Sons

When was Abd born?

February 17, 1984 (age 37 years)
AB de Villiers/Date of birth

Why AB de Villiers is a legend?

De Villiers also developed a reputation as a big hitter in the ODI and T20 formats. He holds the record for the fastest 50 (16 balls), 100 (31 balls) and 150 (64 balls) of all time in the ODI format.

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What are the best AB de Villiers quotes and messages?

Here are the best Ab de Villers quotes and messages by legends on Ab de Villiers. “It would not be right for me to pick and choose where, when and in what format I play for the Proteas. For me, in the green and gold, it must be everything or nothing.” “I don’t know how I’m gonna pick up a bat again.

How old is AB de Villiers now?

Ab de Villiers [Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, born 17 February 1984, South Africa) is one of the best batsman in cricket history and on 23 May 2018 his retirement announcement from international cricket brought down tears in many fans.

What does AB de Villiers say about playing for the Proteas?

Motivational Ab de Villiers Quotes “It would not be right for me to pick and choose where, when and in what format I play for the Proteas. “I don’t know how I’m gonna pick up a bat again. “Always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity.”