What is Wimkin social media?

What is Wimkin social media?

Wimkin is THE Social Media platform that stands up for your right to free speech. Wimkin has all of the features you want with true freedom of speech – Unlimited Friends, LiveStreaming, Video Chat, Groups, Pages, Marketplace and so much more! Look no further for your social media home!

Is Wimkin legit?

Wimkin is an alt-tech social network that claims to promote free speech. The site describes itself as “100\% uncensored social media”. As of January 2021, Wimkin had 300,000 users.

What’s wrong with Wimkin?

Apple has removed social media app Wimkin from its App Store as part of a growing crackdown on platforms that don’t do enough to moderate content. According to Wimkin founder Jason Sheppard, Apple pulled the platform because of posts related to the organization of a “Million Militia March” at the inauguration on Jan.

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How does iPhone keep information private?

When we do send information to a server, we protect your privacy by using random identifiers, not your Apple ID. Information like your location may be sent to Apple to improve the accuracy of responses, and we allow you to disable Location Services at any time.

Who is the owner of Wimkin?

Jason Sheppard
Alternative social media network Wimkin enjoyed a spike of around 20\% in new users in the 12 days between the Capitol siege and Monday, when Google removed it from its app store, said its founder. Jason Sheppard told Insider it gained about 55,000 new users, breaking the milestone of 300,000 users.

Has Wimkin been shut down?

Wimkin launched in August 2020 after being founded by Jason Sheppard. On January 12, 2021, Apple removed Wimkin from the Apple App Store for hosting violent content, including calls for a civil war and the arrest of then-Vice President Mike Pence.

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How do I download wimkin on a Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Wimkin is THE Social Media platform that stands up for your right to free speech. Join now to see what the world is raving about! We protect your voices. No fact checks!

What does wimkin stand for?

A web developer in Pittsburgh, Mr. Sheppard said he founded Wimkin in August as an alternative to what he saw as bias against conservative speech on platforms like Facebook. He added that “Wimkin’’ derives from the acronym WMKN, or “world must know,” a reference to free speech.

Does wimkin app allow freedom of speech?

Unlike Facebook, Wimkin App allows to an extent freedom of speech. There are rooms for groups, like Black Lives Matter, Coronavirus, Defund Police, e.t.c. These are groups that are tagged Controversial on Facebook, and are always brought down.

Is winwimkin better than Facebook?

Wimkin is similar to Liker, so we don’t think it can beat Facebook in numbers. People who use social media sites to connect with their friends and families, they definitely don’t want some social media sites which don’t censor anything.