What is the ultimate villain?

What is the ultimate villain?

A definition helps us to see better: A great villain is that opposing force to the protagonist that elicits interest, fear, and empathy from the audience/reader. Hence, the ultimate villain has the power to elicit fear, the intellectuality to draw interest, and the humanity to draw empathy.

Who has the best villains in comics?

Top 10 Superheroes With The Best Villains

  • #8: Daredevil.
  • #7: Captain America.
  • #6: Superman.
  • #5: Fantastic Four.
  • #4: The Flash.
  • #3: X-Men.
  • #2: Spider-Man.
  • #1: Batman. The Caped Crusader has, without a doubt, the most iconic lineup of villains in all of comics.

Is there a great Marvel movie villain?

In fact, they’ve come close a few times and there is one indisputable great Marvel movie villain. So as we await the release of the latest film in the MCU, let’s look back on every major Marvel movie villain to date ranked from worst to best. Be aware there are spoilers discussed .

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Is Doctor Octopus a villain?

Otto Gunther Octavius, or better known as Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock for short, is a prominent antagonist in Marvel Comics, serving as the secondary antagonist of the Spider-Man comic book series. He is a genius supervillain and former atomic scientist who can control four mechanical arms grafted onto his body.

Is electro a villain or villain?

Much like the animated Spectacular Spider-Man series, Electro never wanted to be a villain but was pushed into it by the police and Spider-Man, who feared him. Much like Sandman, Electro brought a deeper level of thought to the idea of a supervillain.

Who is the most memorable villain in the history of DreamWorks?

With a killer vocal number and a secret reveal to being a villain, the Fairy Godmother is one of the most memorable villains in the history of Dreamworks, which is why she has to rank highly.