What is the salary of MBA after B Pharm?

What is the salary of MBA after B Pharm?

Job Opportunities for MBA after B Pharmacy

Job position Average starting salary (per annum)
Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager 8,42,692
Government Pharmacist 2,50,000
Medical representative (Marketing) 2,96,000
Production and Quality Control Manager 7,80,236

Does IIM have pharma MBA?

Does IIM offer MBA pharma? Hi Abhinna, There is no IIM, which provide an exclusive course for MBA in pharma.

Which is better MBA or pharmacy?

In the terms of growth, MBA is again a very good option as the growth will be based on your skills and talents. On the other side, M. pharm specialization includes fields such as pharmaceutics, pharmacology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Drug Regulatory Affairs and many more subjects.

Is MBA good option after B Pharm?

Pursuing a MBA after Pharmacy is the good idea, a scope for MBA Pharma students is increased in the present market. Pharma MBA is most demanded in market. You are from pharmacy background, therefore you can get more beneficial than others.

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What is the salary of a B Pharm + MBA candidate?

The job profiles offered to B Pharm + MBA candidates generally include Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Pharmacy sales head, Pharmacist, etc. The average annual salary for these candidates ranges between INR 5,00,000 – 7,00,000 per annum. After completing B Pharm + MBA degree, a candidate can go for higher studies and complete an M Pharm degree.

What is the fees for B Pharm + MBA course in India?

The average annual fees for B Pharm + MBA course in India ranges between INR 1,00,000 to 2,00,000. The students can pay the fees either year wise or semester wise, depending on the rules of the college.

What is the difference between Bachelor of Pharmacy and MBA pharmacy?

The two courses of Bachelor of Pharmacy and MBA Pharmacy when taken together are a combination which is a job oriented course combination, helping individuals has a career in the field of pharmacy and management. The students of B. Pharm. have the option of either choosing M. Pharm. for further studies, or choose MBA Pharmacy.

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What is the scope of BSB Pharm + MBA course?

B Pharm + MBA is a Bachelor’s-Master’s integrated dual degree course which focuses on both Pharmaceutical Science and Management Studies. It is a very important and popular course, as both Pharmaceutical Science and Management have huge demands in the job market.