What is the next step after AWS cloud practitioner?

What is the next step after AWS cloud practitioner?

For anyone new to cloud computing, we recommend our AWS Solutions Architect – Associate course as the next best step after you’ve gained your AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

What comes after AWS Solutions Architect?

If you are qualified at AWS Solutions Architect Associate level, then the next best step is to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional level. The professional level requires you to have at least 2 or more years of experience in the AWS platform.

How long should you study for AWS cloud practitioner?

If you are a working professional it would take 2 months to study for AWS cloud practitioner certification. If you are a student or a non-working professional it would take one month to study for the exam.

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How do I recertify my AWS cloud practitioner certification?

Take the Cloud Practitioner exam. You can retake the current AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam to recertify. You can use your 50\% discount voucher from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification account to recertify or apply it to any future certification exam you wish to pursue.

Is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate enough to get a job?

Students often ask me if gaining a certification like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is enough to get them a job. The short answer is that an AWS certification alone will not get you a job. There are several other attributes that play an essential part in kick-starting your AWS career.

What is the AWS certification for entry-level AWS professionals?

The AWS certification for the entry-level AWS professionals is – So, let’s dive deep to get detailed information about this exam. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam is the new entry-level certification for the AWS cloud fresher.

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How to become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer?

Earn a Professional-level certification. You can also satisfy the recertification requirement by passing either the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam for the Architect path or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam for the Developer or Operations path.